Gaming mouse help

Hi all,

After 4 years of torment, my trusty $30 wireless logitech mouse has died and I am in need of a new one. I love logitech so I immidietly thought of purchasing another one of their products, I originally chose the g500s. However after reading some reviews I quickly rethought my decision. If anyone can suggest a good gaming mouse I will be very greatful. Any recommendations are appreciated, thanks in advance!

Hey! What's your budget and what kind of games do you play?

You might still be able to stick with a Logitech mouse. Check this out.

Well, I don't have a budget really. I mainly play League of Legends but I do also play various FPS games. The g600 is a good mouse but all of those buttons are useless for me.

Then I recommend you check out the Razer Deathadder, which I use, and I can vouch for how good it is. There is also the Zowie Evo, I've read many people praise this unit.

I was thinking about the Deathadder, however I have never tried a razer product. But, I guess that since it is so highly regarded in the gaming community that I should give it a go. Thanks for your help :D

I use a few Razer Products myself and they haven't disappointed me. I've had the Deathadder for almost a year now, and I really dig Synapse 2.0, its really helpful having all my settings saved in the cloud because I alternate between my desktop and laptop, and its nice that all I've got to do is plug out and plug in and everything I want is there for me, just the way I want it to be.


Can the green LED be turned off?

Yep! There are two light zones and you can configure them both on or off in Synapse.

Awesome! My case has some white LED fans and my g710+ has a white backlight. Throwing a green mouse in there wouldn't look good.

Ah, I gotchu. I've got a Green Keyboard with the Blue Deathadder. Doesn't look too bad to me. I dig the cool color scheme. My Rig on the other hand is red and blue. I didn't go for a uniform color scheme because I wanted some options to set the right mood in my room haha. And most of the multi color capable mice and keyboard were out of my budget at the time.

The little OCD in me would kill me if the colors on my rig/peripherals didn't match hahahaha. Thanks a lot for your help :) This is my first time using this forum and I have to say so far I love it.

I totally get you dude. Maybe a few years down the line I'll go for a much more unified approach. This was my first rig after all, and this forum helped me build it. 

Speaking of which, welcome to the Tek Syndicate! I'm glad you dig it. I'll look forward to seeing you around the site!

Maybe down the line i'll mod the deathadder and make it a white led. Thanks you too!