Gaming mouse for big hands

I'm looking for a gaming mouse, and me having long figures, I don't know what to look at. I was looking at the logitech g600 mmo mouse, but i don't know if the side buttons would be too far/awkward for me. Also, I would like to be able to have the mouse in the palm of my hand. If anyone has some input, that would be awesome. Thanks.

I use this mouse it's decently big. and it's not as expensive

You could buy the Func MS-3 I am selling ;)
Message me if you are interested

While you're at it, you could buy my HX850; I have no shame.

Yeah, the Func MS-3 would be great for a big hand, especially if you're going to be palm gripping it. Another alternative is the Mionix Naos 8200.

Logitech G400 is good for both palmgrip and fingertip grip if you have big hands. And it has one of the best sensors on the market.