Gaming monitor for CSGO

I play csgo a lot! I need a monitor for this. These are my requirments. 27 inch, good stand, 144hz or closest. $500ish Australia. im looking at BenQ XL2720Z 27in LED 144Hz Gaming Monitor. 1440p would be nice but I dont think I could get that as well!

The Asus VG278HE is a bit less expensive than the BenQ, but is only 1080p. I don't know if you can get 1440p and 144hz at that price range.

BenQ monitors are pretty solid. I have always bought them. I think 1440p at 144Hz will be very hard to find, and if you do find it, it will be expensive.

you're on the right track.. get the best 144hz 1-2ms response monitor you can. You won't find that refresh higher than 1080p but using that res you will be able to set framerates to match it's performance. 27" is newer, it was only available up to 24" for the longest time.

Even if you have to save I am drooling over that red acer. It is so sexy.

This is the monitor I bought for CSGO. And it's currently on sale. I went from being a silver 3 to a MG2 using this monitor. Yes there are better options but I'm liking it so far. For me to move past MG2 I need better teammates but don't feel like ditching my friends at the moment.

Just find an old CRT that can do 100hz at 1600x1200

you can borrow my serial ball mouse and 12" felt pad if you like. Plug n play is for pussies!!

CRTs are still like the best all around display tech, higher vertical resolution than 1080p, basically 0 latency, and higher than 60hz refresh rates.

All at bargain bin prices on your local craigslist.

I know what they are and were and how lcd has always been chasing its core performance, but I lived it. My viewsonic bowed my desk and radiated my eyeballs while running like a refrigerator. Some things are just too pro for me. I had to move on. I don't doubt you, poke fun at the fact that you know this, or even partake, but you have to admit by 2015 it's a bit of a novelty item vs a performance goal. Fyi 144hz led lcd with 1ms response is no slouch I would take another hard look.. 27" widescreen is more or less perfect at a desk.

But the closest really replacement for a high end CRT is going to be one of the 144hz IPS displays, though those run around 800 bucks last I checked