Gaming Mice

Can anyone reccomend a "multi-button" gaming mouse for games like diablo, torchlight, mmos that doesn't suck due to bad precision, frontend software/driver crashes, button placement(hitting buttons on accident or buttons out of reach), z axis glitching(lifting the mouse up and sitting it down and cursor jumping), loose mouse wheel(over-scrolling through weapons) or double click action on single clicks due to a cheap pcb membrane. it's getting hard to pin point a solid gaming mouse before purchase.

Logitech G600. I love mine! Lots of buttons, an actually functional software, side button lighting (customizable), and up to 8200dpi (pointless, by the way). I have the all black one and it is a fantastic mouse!

i have the gigabye aivia krypton and i love it, it is good for right or left handed, has 2 buttons on either side, and muliple profiles so you can set it to diffrent games, alos it has adjustable weights, and interchangeable feet from the teflon to ceramic which ever you prefer,

You sir just gained my respect, I'm tired of everyone caring about DPI. Your hand can't move precise enough to utalize anything over like 3k dpi.

Also, Logitech g400, perfect laser sensor with no angle snapping or acceleration.