Gaming mice for palm grip suggestions ($60)

I've had the Corsair m60 for around 4-5 months now and it seems uncomfortable for long hours and I'm looking for a new one for around 60ish dollars that will be comfortable but still have a gaming grade laser and all that. I'm currently looking at some of the Zowie mice and maybe a razer. (I also hate more than 2 side mouse buttons). 


Well i have large hands so i just Bought a Deathadder (still in shipping) and Logan Reviewed the Zowie, what about the M60 isnt comfortable ?

Deathadder is great, just moved to a SteelSeries Sensei, I like it a bit more after alot of use.

The m60 has that sniper button and just gets in the way of my thumb and makes me hold the mouse further back and it over time gets uncomfortable, other than that issue  the m60 is very solid... just not for my hand type/grip.


G500. Or the deathadder.

Get the Zowie EC1 eVo over the Deathadder.  It is built with higher quality switches that will last much longer.  The optical sensor is also very accurate on the eVo. 

I threw my Deathadder in the trash once I tried it lol

How long did yours last? I've been using my deathadder for 3 years or so now... still has zero issues. 

I had two deathadders.  On both of them the left click died within a year  >.>

That a really sucks... Would you say you are hard on your hardware? Just out of curiousity. Maybe I just got super lucky with mine (I do take pretty good care of it though)