Gaming/Media Monitor IPS or TN?

I'm currently in the market for a new gaming/media monitor.  I'm using an HP 20" LCD 1600x900 from 2009,  It has served me well for the time I've used it, however I would really like to get 1080p or maybe 1440p.  I'm honestly not sure where to start that entertains any realm cost effectiveness. I've looked at these two models as replacements.;jsessionid=86FCC3CC7D39641183D48FB6CA7B8D1B.bbolsp-app04-146?id=1219345073733&skuId=8544005&st=dell%20ips&cp=1&lp=3

I realize there is a difference between IPS and TN for gaming purposes, but I do like my colors to look nice and sharp.  However, I'm not really sold yet as to 144 hz being worth the extra, when you really need a high end video card to push those refresh rates.  As I stated I game, mainly BF4 and League of Legends at the moment.  I do have a few other favorite titles.   Will I notice a difference between the 1 ms and 6 ms?  My HP has a 5 ms rating.  With new 1440p monitors and 4k becoming more common should I just wait it out for 4K?  I realize I didn't list a price range, but staying under 300 would be preferable.  I'm of the age that spending ridiculous amounts of money on over priced items, just to have them be obsolete in 2 years, is not my thing.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

In my experience the difference between an 1ms and an 6 ms panel is not distinguishable, the necessary lag that is caused by the rendering of each frame (16 ms minimum without frame buffering or any other kind of delay at 60 Hz).

I changed from a decent 21.5 1080p monitor to a korean 1440p 27 inch monitor a while ago and was amazed with the picture quality and colours (it also seemed freaking huge), so id definitely recommend one.

well... what's your GPU specs? Can't really recommend anything without that...

but TBH you should likely be looking in the 24-27" 1080p LED monitor... anything under 8ms will be fine... IPS is cool if you have people that like to watch you game or plan on watching movies with people on your monitor, or you'r planning on multiple monitors... as it's viewable from all angles... if that's not your thing, then yea... 24-27" LED under 8ms @60hz will be a "nice" monitor for you...

note at 1440p you need a beast GPU to game at that rez

I would take advantage of 4k releasing and buy a 1080p panel they are dropping in price and now is a great time to upgrade verses 2012-2013. My eye is on the benq and asus panels for gaming. I will purchase a high refresh rate low lag panel for gaming and a second panel that has small dot pitch and is color certified for graphic design/editing. 

I will probably buy this one soon

I only read the title. If you have the money and don't absolutely need a 144hz monitor, get an IPS display. Unless you are superhuman and super anal about your monitors response time, you probably won't notice the difference in response time. I have yet to see a TN panel that I would like to use on a daily basis. Some TN panels do like alright head on, but they all suffer greatly at even the smallest of viewing angles. 

I would recommend getting a monitor with an IPS panel. I've been using one for years now and I've kept it calibrated with a Spyder 3 Pro calibration tool and the colors look absolutely amazing. I've used fast TN panels before and the colors on TN look kinda washed out after using a calibrated IPS for so long. Also with an IPS display you'll be able to color correct your videos as well which you can't do very accurately on a TN because of the color shift. Ultimately you need to choose what kind of experience you are after, a fast response panel or better colors. Personally I think better colors give a more cinematic experience to games and to me it adds to the gameplay experience more than a fast response time.

Another thing, if you got the graphics horsepower and can afford to get a 27" Korean 1440p go for it. If not, 1080p or 1200p is great too. 

Thanks for the input guys.  I did forget to list my specs...sorry:

AMD 8320 FX

12 Gb RAM 1600

Gigabyte 990-FXA-UD3

Sapphire 2Gb 7790

The 7790 currently gives me around 70-90 fps on BF4 with high and ultra settings.  I know I'll take a hit once I move up in resolution.  Seems like 1080p will be the winner, I just have to watch for crazy sales in the next coming weeks with all the holiday madness beginning soon.