Gaming laptop

So I'm looking around for a new laptop. I have a nice gaming desktop, but I would like something mobile to take with me to school (I am in college), that also has some gaming potential. My budget is around $800 - $900. I don't need it to run stuff on super high settings, but it would be nice if it could handle bf3 with a good frame rate on lower settings. I just wanted to see if you guys had any recommendations for me. 

Thanks Guys!

About 2 years ago, I wanted the same thing, Power and portablitlity. I got a 17" samsung RF-710 (canadian version w/ I5 + DVD writer) for $1000.00. While It worked amazingly well for games on mid settings, I found myself mostly using it at home because It was just too big and heavy to cart around with me everywhere.

Jump to a year and a half later, I'm having problems with heat due to dust / dog hair and the battery only lasts 3 hours. I suppose I could dust it out, but It may even be an insufficient power problem.

If you want my advice, keep the games at home, get a 13-15" workhorse with a good keyboard for taking notes. You want something really durable.

Thanks for the advice!  I'll start looking around at some ultrabooks. I think they make "gaming" ultrabooks too, but that might be out of my price range.

There is the Razer Blade that is ultrabook but not cheap. I have a Lenovo Y580, it weights about 5 lbs and is a i7 and a GTX 660m

i have an hp pavilion dv6 (amd a8-3520m + hd6620g) it cost $500-$600, in my oppinion it plays most games at playable framerates, though i don't have bf3 to tell you, the worst i've seen it do is 10 fps in dayz (tryed to play metro2033 the other day but was too slow, but i played it before just fine)

depending on what you consider horrible (i don't have the highest standards, some people have rediculous standards) it's a great laptop especialy for the money

My laptop, the Lenovo Y580, handles BF3 on Mid - High at 40 - 60 FPS, give or take.