Gaming laptop

I found a good looking pc gaming company . I am thinking of purchasing a laptop from them the eon 15-s. I am looking for a build for around $2000 (canadian dollar). does any one think that I shouldn't buy from them or have a better company.

PS: im looking for a company that has a good game selection to come with the computer 

this is in usd but it's pretty close


The Don thats a really bad deal for the amount of money. I have the same i7 and a 640m with 8 gigs of ram and mine was only 750$

here you go.  just under 2000 (canadian), it's on sale... and it will destroy that crap from the site you found.  



If you're on moble, get an AMD gpu, nvidia mobile gpus are clocked down compared to their desktop gpus.

Gaming and laptop don't belong in the same sentance. Even worse that you would put your eyes on that hideous EA branded overpriced plastic feces machine.

DO NOT BUY FROM ORIGIN they are the exact same pc's as sager/clevo which you can get for a lot cheaper from xoticpc malibal and a bunch of other places and have the exact same computer. Also check my profile my main gaming computer is a laptop and its powerful enough to max out crysis 3 with around 60fps. I got mine from malibal

Dont buy from origin ive heard nothing but horrible stories from people who bought them. -- has alot on laptops.

I got my laptop from and they have been very helpful fast process 1 week from order to shipped. Very freindly and helpful staff thats willing to answer any questions. Mine costed $2000 cad also with 150 shipping (includes duty and everything for over the border), and 240 for tax when it arrived. I got a clevo np9350 with a 3630qm, 8gb 1600mhz ram, and a 680m, blu ray player also.

The 680m overclocks so well since its a underclocked gtx 670 (desktop version) i have mine clocked at 1045Mhz core clock 2400Mhz memory. Not many desktop cards are faster than this laptop. But you can get 7970 xfire for just a little more than 1 680. Id recommend a clevo 9150 (single gpu) or np9350 (dual gpu). Nice laptops, great cooling, backlite keyboard, nice speakers, overclockable screens.

(1945+68) the year of our lord Jesus Christ. The words overclocking, gaming, and prebuiltbuttplundering being anywhere within five words of laptop. Laptops are for work, desktops are for games, your phone is to take pictures of your lady friend naked, and your chromebook is a coaster.

You can't compare mobile chips to desktop cards, overclocking on a laptop is cool if you want to murder it with the burning heat of 1000 suns, and are you sprinting around playing games so much that a desktop wouldn't be a better choice for a lot cheaper.

The price doesnt bother me its not the price i matter about its the convenience of mobility. OC a laptop is perfectly fine as long as you done have a crappy computer with bad cooling. Laptops are great for gaming now sorry to tell you, the 40% OC I have the temps dont go above 75c and im fine with that. Your like a person trying to defend pc gaming against console because your scared about other things being fine for others needs but not yours. A desktop doesnt work for everyone such as why some people get consoles. I get a laptop because its extremely powerful, portable, and can get great performance even in crysis 3.

I agree wth gnomeking if you don't hate on gaming laptop just because you cant afford them