Gaming laptop vs desktop and ultrabook

Hi there everyone. I am looking to switch to the pc gaming world from console. I am looking for some computer advice. I have about $1800US to spend on computing stuff. I want a pc to game on and I also need one for high school next year for programming and other general work. So what do I do? I can either get a gaming laptop, such as the Alienware 14 or Msi Ge40. Or I can get a mid range ultrabook and build a low end desktop. So, do I spend all $1800 on a gaming laptop or do I split the money?

I need all the advice I can get. Thanks.

get a cheapo laptop, and just use it for portability. then out the rest into a nice desktop. trust me, my deshtop's speed helps, even with my schoolwork...

Okay thanks, I would like to have a reasonibly nice laptop if I had one as I will be multitasking a lot and I will be designing websites etc. Also how does a desktop help? I just need some ideas to convince myself a bit more.

I would say get a mid range  ultrabook and a mid range crossfire or sli desktop. You can find ultrabooks like my Samsung ultraboon from 2012 on sale right now for $800 and you can get a desktop with an 8350 and crossfire 7950 for $1000. Later on you can upgrade the desktop with an ssd and whatnot. 

Get a Dell laptop the latest ones comes with dedicated vga and they are high performing laptops a good one will go around 1000$ and then build your self a gaming rig for 800$ your good to go for 5 years of gaming at least :)

in the end you'll have a high performance laptop and a gaming rig which you can upgrade as you wish will save you a lot of money.

PS : don't go for alienware.

Yeah sounds good. Thanks for the advice.

not for $800...

A pal recommend me this and see its 850$ and it can handle anything you throw at it.

I am a computer Science major, anhd the #1 benefit of my desktop is the dual monitors. #2 is definitely the boot time, and runtime stability.

I also have a $500(best buy price) laptop that I carry around to class. I get 3-4 hrs of battery, so I just charge it between classes, for those I need it for.

Whats the benefit of multiple moniters? Despite looking awesome. I am also looking to devote much of my time to computers so would a desktop be good in this aspect?

How did you get your major in computer science? this is something I want to look into as I want to follow a career in computing in general. Do you have any advice for people trying to enter the scene?