Gaming Laptop Purchase

I am looking to buy a gaming laptop for around $750 (flexible to $800 possibly). I can't seem to find one with at least a 640M gfx card for that price range. Can anyone help me find one?


Here's the only one i found with a nicer card and OK amount of RAM


I already have a Gaming PC but i'd like a laptop for when i travel and school. Thanks!


I would like at least 6GB of RAM and 500GB HDD. CPU's not a big issue. i3,i5, etc...

I couldn't find one myself and the closest I could get to your budget is just over $850. Even if you do manage to find one I doubt it'll play anything very well anyway so if I were you I'd just save for a better one.

Try looking for one with a 560 instead. Last year's Asus G series will run games better than with a 640M and be around that price range.



I like the MSI GْْْْX60