Gaming Laptop? I Needs One

I already built a gaming rig for the home but my job makes me travel a lot and id like to be able to take the power of a PC with me in a laptop. Suggestions on what i shouls get? i need speed, graphics, storage, and a big screen is preferable. plus it should look sexy as tits. And if i can build one it might be nice but i have no idea where to start.

I woud reccomend alienware if you want a really good gaming laptop. another (less expensive) option is system76 however you will have to install windows manually (System76's come with ubuntu preinstalled). 

Agreed on System76, but please don't consider Alienware. It may look pretty, but it's overpriced...

maybe a msi gaming laptop there pretty big but powerful.

What do you guys think about Razer laptops?


I like the new blade, and it looks decently priced. 

Take a look at the lenovo laptops. Their y580 was only 800 euro for a 660m. Their y500 was a 650m SLI model for 1000-1200 euro pretty awesome. 

You obviously have the asus ROG series which are pretty awesome. 

Alienware is really nice in terms of build quality but a little expensive but really not too crazy, I think they might even be better priced than the Asus ROG ones.

Samsung has a gamer 7 laptop.

If you want 17 inch with high-end laptops graphics you'll always be in the 1500-2000 dollar/euro ballpark.

Razer has very nice and sexy designs but underpowered for the price. You are paying for the design and weight which might be worth it for you.

Just got to decide on looks, screen size, gpu, build quality and weight. gaming laptop section would be a very good place to lurk around a bit.

Also the Lenovo Y500 series on their website are on sale for 35% off right now and they have GT750M cards in them with a 1080 screen on it for $850-$1000