Gaming laptop for a roadwarrior

I do a lot of business travel and after a long hiatus from WOW and other MMROPGs, I'm usually statisfied with just using my Nexus 7 and previously my Galaxy Tab 10.1, but you don't have a cross platform game between PC and Android that lets you play together. I want to pick up a new gaming laptop to game with my family and friends. I tend to be, at minimum, on the road at least 1 week out of a month. Weight is an issue since I'd have to lug it through airports every month. Right now, I'm still using an MSI GT627 and trying to play GW2 with my brother and our friend from High School. 



I use a laptop as my main gaming computer its in my profile its light enough for it to not be a bother when transporting it regularly, for most gaming laptops you cant go wrong with Clevo/Sager but id use a retailer like malibal or xoticpc

Price point?..

ASUS, IBUYPOWER, and MSI are my favorites for gaming laptops.