Gaming laptop brands

Here is the question of that day from all you mobile gamers, what is the best brand for a gaming laptop, MSI, ASUS, or Alienway? Sure you could say something like ibuypower, but they don't really matter much. Ever seen someone with a ibuypower gaming laptop? 

I persoanlly say that Alienware is the best. The offer a system in every size range and price range really. Plus their prices tend to be standardized. This years M17x costs the same as last years, and the year before that, and is better than either by far.

Feel free to share your opinions about these brands, other brands, and horror stories if you like. 

asus or sager

From that, I would say Asus. Sagers don't seem like gaming laptops, but laptops with gaming components. I am using a Lenovo right now that has gaming components, but it's totally not optimized for gaming. Sagers are the same as Lenovo, not optimized for gaming but still uses the parts. Asus laptops have advanced cooling, better sound systems, higher quality screens. 

Neither Asus nor Alienware; Origin makes the absolute best gaming laptops.

LOL, they do, but they are not as affordable as Asus, MSI, or Alienwares, and they are not has well know. I do love Origin, and if I ever buy a computer, rather than just make it myself, it most likely be from them or xotic.

Building your own laptop is not a good idea, as you will not have the bulk purchasing abilities of the companies or the means of making custom PCBs that support the modern parts to fit in a smaller space. For desktops, of course - build your own. I did and enjoy it more everyday. However, if I ever need a gaming or workstation laptop, I will go to Origin.

I was talking about a desktop not a laptop. Sorry, that is my fault for not specifing which one I was taking about. 

I wonder if Asus is going to roll out another Lamborghini VX series laptop. They look SOOOO awesome, but the lastest is already showing it's again with the gtx 560. 

I am having a issue with Asus's ROG laptops not getting the top dog of Geforce GPUs.

Personally I see Alienware as the Apple of the gaming pc world its a bit like a status symbol (its a well known brand that says I'm a bad ass laptop to anyone that sees it across the room). If flash is your thing then go for it, personally I'm not a fan but if you have the money for Alienware check out a friend of mine got their TLX portable gaming laptop and the qulity is amazing. I dont have anything aginst Alienware but if something breaks you will have to deal with Dell support wich is never good.

ASUS, Razer, [i]not[/i] alienware.

What is excatly wrong with Alienwares? They look really cool, usually have the lastest and greatest parts. Customer service is pertty mediocre everywhere, so bad customoer service is expected. You can get quite possible on of the ebst warranties there is withit however? For the same price you can get an alienware that just destroyes the Razer blade in every conviable way but being near ultrabook standard, So what makes there so terrbile that everyone and their dog must hate them? I am not trying to praise them here, just want to want is bad about alienwares. 

I have a sager/clevo that I bought from malibal, do not buy an origin they are the exact same computer as a clevo but much more expensive and a different top cover. my main gaming computer is a laptop and its powerful enough to play anything I through at it, got it for under 2k.


Most people don't like alienware because of the cost and not everywhere has bad customer service, hell when I was talking with malibal and I wanted G.skill ram instead of crucial that they put in they said it was no problem and didnt charge me extra.

Why do MSI's tend to be pricier than Asus, even with same specs? What makes them worth the little extra

Is there any good under the radar brands?

Anyone have anything new to bring to the table?

razer aint good, their only laptop is really overpriced. maybe a ROG laptop? or you could get that msi laptop thats 1.3k and has a 7970m, 7970m's blow everything out of the water


Razer's laptp is only slightly overpriced, but they can do that. Find another gaming laptop that could be an ultra book with a touchscreen mouse.

the question  is, are you willing to sacrifice money and performance for compactness? razers "blade" is very compact and sleek but is also very expensive and isnt as powerful as you'd think a laptop priced as it is would be.

also touchscreen on laptops doesnt really mean much, it pretty much just smudges your screen and if you're gaming its even more useless

also that little touchpad thing in the corner of the keyboard instead of a numpad is pretty damn useless if i do say so myself, it's like a screen at the top of a conventional keyboard, you think it'd be useful sometimes but really it isnt

just my two cents though, dont take it to the heart