Gaming Laptop. Asus or iBuyPower?

So I'm considering a laptop just because I go to friends houses a lot and I don't wanna haul a tower aroud to lan it up. So I'm gonna settle on something that's still powerful but obviously not what I'll get with a PC.

The two options I'm considering are:

ASUS G75VW-DH12 - $2,000 (look up the specs yourself)


iBuyPower Valkyrie 17 - $1,800 - This one has the same specs as the ASUS but with the GTX 680M. If I go with the GTX 670M it's $1,550. What I'm wondering is if iBuyPower is a reputable company. Has anyone had any experience with them?

ibuypower is a ripoff almost on par with mac....

get a sager custom, my freind has one, and it's just insane fer a laptop.... i think it has like an 18" screen, 7970m gpu, a DESKTOP i7, 16g ram, and customizability unheard of for a laptop. he has a boot ssd and 2 hdd's in RAID. ~$1500... yeah....

I bought a sager/clevo from malibal and absolutely love it

well, I was a little off on the specs, but not too bad... has a 4g 680m gpu.... i think it only came with 1 or 2 hard drive, he removed the optical drive to fit another hard drive

edit: looks like you can choose which gpu you get with it... pretty customizable, you can fit 3 hard drives and still have an optical!!!!

The laptop form factor as a whole is a ripoff, especially at the "high-end". Personally I would never buy a gaming laptop or a laptop that boasts about how "powerful" it is. Not only are laptops more expensive due to more miniturized components, they are also a lot less upgradable in comparison to desktops, and lastly, they run on batteries.

"Powerful", "Gaming", and "Battery" in the same sentence make me /facepalm.

well, they are still a helluva lot easier to take places than even a CM storm desktop.....

friend bought 2 IBP desktops and one laptop. he likes them. only issue he had was the 20 pin came out durring shipping and he had to reconnect it.

but yeah, its a legit company.

If you buy a gaming laptop that isn't Sager, I don't know what you're doing with your life.

Ibuypower offs you more preformance for the price, but does not look pretty at all. Asus are beautiful looking, have amazing cooling, and if you go through some companies, like, you customize them to look and feel better. If you want to save money and don't care how your system looks, go with Ibuypower.