Gaming keypad with joystick for LINUX

So, I am interested in getting a Razer Orbweaver style thing that allows me to move around with a thumbstick and leave lots of fingers free to do other things. (World of Warcraft is the intended usecase for now.) I am playing on Linux and that won’t change. I also hate any kind of additional software for stuff like this and that won’t change either.

So far I’ve found this thing:


(Ignore the mouse, that thing is probably going in the bin.)

It is configured through a smartphone app and it seems like it can save profiles internally.

Has anyone here tried this thing? Or did you try other devices of this kind on linux?

I have a Logitech G13. Seems Logitech is no longer making it.

According to the Arch Wiki it works in Linux.

Yeah, seems not to be an option if you don’t already have one.

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In my experience most of these devices provide extra software in Windows that is already available as a system setting in Linux, but otherwise work exactly as a standard USB keyboard or mouse.

As an example, on Windows the driver for my gaming mouse also provides a utility driver that allows you to fine-tune the mouse update speed. In Linux, this is simply handled by xorg should I feel the need to tweak this functionality, no need to go through special programs.

Of course, some slight command line voodoo might be required. :slight_smile:

I had a Razer Tatarus once, even with the palm rest extended all of the way back it was too small for my hand, so I got rid of it.

You can get a Logitech G13 on ebay for <$100, as long as you don’t mind having to clean someones DNA off of it first.

I might get a used one and try to replace the membrane (or rubber domes?) with Cherry MX Silvers for shits and giggles.