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Gaming just getting more and more of a black eye



I would assume the title has implications in terms of discoverability. I don’t think other titles having similar contents feature it in their title.
Steams Store has a massive discoverability problem. Having it named such would probably lower the hurdle to actually find such a game.


Steam can do as they wish as far as I’m concerned, but I don’t think this was really steam just deciding to not sell the game based on the content of the game itself. When a group of click bait sjw “news” sites plaster how horrible and outraged with a game they are all over the internet steam is being influenced/pressured in some way or another. To be clear I don’t support the idea of making or playing a game about raping anyone for fun, but I do support the creators right to make and publish such a game. If I don’t agree with it I won’t buy it or recommend it. Those decisions are mine to make, but it’s not up to me or anyone else to censor, stifle, or outright ban someone from creating and selling something that they are legally allowed to do so. I believe in freedom of expression and speech, and anyone who flippantly dismisses those basic human rights because they are offended needs to put the finger they point at everyone else down and look in the mirror.


“We do not feel it is worth the risk”

It’s as simple as that. The decision making process is irrelevant, by subject to the factors I mention above, far more succinctly stated by @electromaster_84

SJW hype basically.

Whether you are right or wrong. Going to court costs money. Reputation loss costs money. In this case it isn’t worth it.


rape in video games is no more a crime than killing in video games


Thankfully. Also about Steam yes they get no praise for doing this as yes it takes bad press for them to do anything right and heck there are things they still should be taking care of and improving with the company but despite the complaints nothing is being done. A fine example is they have no phone or online chat support which is unacceptable in 2019.


Let me say though that with killing in video games yes there are some that go too far but when it comes to people re-enacting wars I think that is something that should stay both in single player and multiplayer. Also games that are science fiction shooters those are shooters that should stay. They are based on fiction. War has it’s ugly side but it and science fiction are not criminal in the way that rape is. Now if they suddenly started showing Russians raping Germans that happened to Germans in WWII games then I’d have a problem with those and would not play them. Personally in one comment I made elsewhere I said honestly I would have no problem if games were just sports, BIT.TRIP Runner, etc. … harmless crap … and I meant it. If you want to help get rid of shooters by some means go ahead and do it.


Going to court does cost money and even in simple small claims court it costs too much at least in my country and it has cost me getting justice done at times and for many others.


You can believe what you like but when it comes to certain rights there are rights people shouldn’t have for the greater good. Some document from one country written ages ago that has been amended and pointed out for not really representing what should go on in this day and age is not something I am going to follow and neither are many in the rest of the world. Your forefathers didn’t write what they wrote for 2019. Things have changed and so should that document with things even eliminated from it.


Name one game they pulled from the store where you were playing as a rapist.


I agree with @kewldude007 for once as this fictional violence shown in Fortnite is not representative of anything in real life although I will say certain shooting games in real life should still be allowed. GTA V though is not one of them for example.


The game is definitely about rape. Nothing funny about that @tomtalk24.


Who are you talking to?


First thing you said is irrelevant and it is you just trying to trash me to make your point of view mean something.

Second thing I do believe in black and white in some areas of life and considering how the world is doing I think there is nothing wrong with thinking like that and hoping for changes that get rid of rape, drunk driving murderers, cops who murder, drug driving murderers, etc. Grey areas are often created for the people who do not want real change because some of them are the people doing the horrible things to this world. Also forget black and white I was raised with morals but interesting that you bring the church into the topic probably thinking I am some bible thumper and I am not. I am just a person with common sense that says get rid of obvious things that are making the world a worse place and be done with it. How is it going that nobody is starting a revolution for change in NA btw? The people with the guns are cowards and yet they rip on other groups making change different ways.


Almost all of the god damn studies point towards Video games being a blow off valve for people. Sure there is rage but it subsides in matter of minutes. Also a simulation is a virtual construction of a scenario or scene of heavily detailed fiction or reality. This is my understanding of it.

So taking this into account isn’t having a rape simulator actually a benefit. It of course should also represent heavy punishment in game like it’s in GTA 5 killing resulting in arrest or death in racing games like rFactor (I think) ramming somebody resulting in months of hard work destroyed.

A simulation is done so a person doesn’t need to or wont do something in real life at the end of the day. Because it’s easier safer to do in the SIMULATION! where no harm is made and any sane person wouldn’t attempt this in real life.


There is no evidence I have seen that says this keeps people from doing this stuff in real life. Also about sanity … how about morals … no person with good morals would want to play a rape game.


Surprised to see you back, see as we are all worthless degenerates.

Where is you outrage about all the other games that have rape as an action in them?


Name me some and I will be outraged.


So you don’t even read all the replies I see.

I have named one in here all ready Second Chance and there are others too.


Do you have the time to read all replies? Even if one does it doesn’t mean something can’t be missed. You just are trying to stir up a fight and I will let you know this and that is I am angry at your for it and for good reason. I missed the thing you said. Shoot me for it. Geeze the people I deal with on here sometimes.

Also never heard of Second Chance and the description of the game doesn’t say much. If it is a game where you play as a rapist then yes it should not be on Steam or any platform.

Oh and for record I am anti-anime and some of the stuff Steam had up or may still have up is pedo material and should not be on any store front.


Do you truly believe this? Why do you think you have the right to express your opinion on this subject? If every offensive opinion or expression is not allowed then the fact that I find your opinion to limit my rights offensive by your own logic you should censor yourself. The principal of individual rights are not judged by the age of the document they are expressed in, but by the legitimacy of the ideals. If you want to debate why people need to lose the rights my past ancestors thought were so important that they fought a war to win their Independence then present you thoughts on that subject. By stating these ideas are bad because of the age in which they were expressed with no supporting evidence to the contrary isn’t a valid argument to strip people of rights they hold.

Keep in mind rape and violence are not new things. To my knowledge they have existed as long as humans have walked this earth, and depictions of such things have also existed along side the acts. Do you want to destroy every piece of literature or art that depict them? The argument that video games are interactive and therefore different is not logical in my opinion. Do you not decide to view art or read literature? Is this act of consuming these works offensive to you? What if you think of images of rape or murder in your mind? Have you committed thoughtcrime? What if I could know for a fact that you have thought of these things? Do you still have the right to these thoughts, or the right to express any of your offensive thoughts? What of your free will or agency? Maybe I think that by the perceived offence of your thoughts you should no longer exist because it is better for the greater good?

What of the argument that all these acts are carried out by mankind? If they are offensive, should we as a species be allowed to exist? All of the good humans bring into the world is most certainly outweighed by the acts of evil we commit as a whole. Should we all be erased from the earth because the weight of the scales have slipped in one direction?