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Gaming just getting more and more of a black eye



Because mass murder (e.g., space invaders, doom, grand theft auto, sniper elite, deer hunter, whatever) is OK, but sex (let alone rape) is not, it would appear.


At this stage in would like to hear back from @CPUBG. You titled this like you don’t want this or any other game that touches uncomfortable adult subjects, why?


Killing people in war killing the bad guys in video games is not a crime. Rape is a crime and thus playing as a rapist in video game is absurd. Also let me say there are better ways to teach people not to rape than to allow them to be the rapist. This is just creating more material for people, that should be put to death, to get off on as they still breathe because of the criminal justice system in parts of this world including the U.S. where they want these type of people to live still so the Prisons For Profit programs continue. For me to even have to comment on what I originally posted to say why a rape game where you can play as the rapist is why the world should …

… is ridiculous but it does not surprise me when it come to the people that frequent this site.


Explain games such as

  • Dead by Daylight (you play as a serial killer)
  • Need for speed series (street racing, intentionally ramming cops)
  • Borderlands
  • Resident Evil
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Hitman
  • Tomb Raider

Plenty of crime is depicted in video games. Plenty of serious crime such as mass murder.

By your logic, all of the above games teach people to murder.

Why is this media OK to depict murder, but not other crime?
Why is depiction of rape in print, movies, tv, etc. OK but not in games?

I’m not saying i want to play a rapist. I’m saying its a double standard.


He seems to only care about his bottom line right now more than anything else. He is not doing the work he used to do on the side for fun. As for him and his views on this game I guarantee like any morally proper person would say this here is something not needed. Playing as a rapist is going to help people? Also I can sniff some hate for certain communities coming from your post but you will come up with some way to hide from that.


Ok then let us get rid of the games where crime is depicted in a glorified way. Fine by me.

Also yes you can say what I said is viewed as a double standard but I am allowed that. Sorry but I draw the line somewhere.

Oh and about rape in other things I just recently watched I Spit on Your Grave movies and I was horrified and traumatized from it but I saw it from the perspective of the victim and to me that is more acceptable as after I thought about what I watched I came to the conclusion that it would be good to show people as it might make them realize how brutal rape is and how laws governing punishment over it should be changed. Playing as the rapist goes too far. Seriously …

Oh and if you read my post properly I said shooters where you play as the hero taking out proper guys to me well there is nothing wrong with that. Anyone with some common sense knows that but common sense has left this world long ago.

As for some of the games you listed as examples of where violence should not be tolerated they are laughable as they are adventures not even at times dealing with real human beings or animals. Borderlands? Really? That is not a game based in reality. Tomb Raider? C’mon man.


What about PUBG where you kill random people in order to win a chicken dinner?


You mean like you?

This is not your echo chamber, sorry you wanted more confirmation bias but you got reasoned discussion.


Steam had/have a game called Yohjo Simulator that caused some pedophilia/rape debate. When the game first came out, you played as a very young schoolgirl in pants running and jumping around with lots of men all jumping. But it had a startling “easter egg” where around a corner you would find a girl unconscious with a pair of pants next to her.
This easter egg suggested child rape. But the game was never pulled, but I would presume its been toned down. Yet have no plans on buying it to find out, but heres a random video of the game. The scene is at 8:50

The debate then was its Japaniese culture (if im right the age of consent is 13), it was just random, and something to do with Anime (I have no idea about).

What worries me about this game you talk of, and controversial subjects like Japanese child stuff in western cultures is the desensitisation of the severity of the situation. As someone whos been a victim of the topic in question. Where is the line?

A lot of gamers are teens, teens are going through adolescence. It will no doubt have a bad effect. Steam wont pull it unless their is an uproar, or the game will just tone down the R stuff after being slapped on the wrist.

YouTube is already a wash with Fail videos where suicide is considered comedy, along with car crashes and the like. I guess in westurn cultures sex is still a big enough taboo? But murder is acceptable, as no doubt you also live in a country that goes to war. But lets not open that can :roll_eyes:

But mark my words, the days of gladiators fighting to the death for entertainment is coming. First with Monty Python controversial sketches (at the time, where talking about the dead was considered wrong) that did push culture forward, but again, wheres the line? Is there even a line?

I think Charlie Brookers Black Mirror has sorta touched on this before, with the Fifteen Million Merits epoisode. Not unconsented rape, but the desensitizing of taboos.
Charlie Brooker, you’re a god!


I wonder is it to do with being human characters in the game.

I did look up Rape Day this morning. It looks bad and is definitely out to cause trouble. The player character is (quote from steam page) a menacing serial killer rapist, so it is definitely weighted in its choices.

But in the related games is one called Second Chance where all the characters are anthropomorphic. It the also a visual novel and also includes options up to rape scenarios. It ha been on steam for a little bit now I have not heard one word about it any where.

So what gives. This is technically not even new to steam so whynthe outrage now.


I guess people just dont know about it. I didnt know about your examples. And Steam/YouTube are so large, things like this are just a ripple in the water.

But when GTA came out, it was in the news, the news blabbed on about it, people went on about it changing people and making them killers. There wasnt anything like it, the world of games was small. Now games like the OP game can come out and no one will know about it.
Maybe because the media and governments are too interested in WhatsApp encryption and its use for child porn that they cant see past their nose?

I actually wrote to the BBC about that Yohjo Simulator, nothing came of it lol. There just arnt enough voices, as these games are so rare and under the radar for people to see?

Imo Google and Steam should be policing their own platforms, or maybe they just cant physically do it? The internet becoming a run away train no one can control?

I dont think their are any laws about it, its freedom of speach and expression, just as a film can do the same. But the issue is, games arent films. In games you are the actor, you play that part of the murderer, or in this case, the rapist. Maybe their should be laws as youre playing the part, but I think its too big a problem to solve.
What a world we live in!


I’ll bet you’re a riot at parties.

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, etc.

Sounds like you’ve been raised to believe the world is black and white, with the boundaries defined by some arbitrary cultural line that varies from culture to culture. But for you, YOUR line is the line and to hell with anyone else.

In reality the world is shades of grey, and your lines are not the same as others.

What’s to say some simulated rape game will allow a user to “vent” and get it (sexual frustration) out of their system, much like FPS games do?

I’d say there’s no conclusive research into that, however we do know that some of the most publicly conservative people (i.e., the reverse of those who would admit to playing a game such as this) end up being utter monsters behind closed doors. e.g., cardinal Pell in the news lately, the massive number of abuses by members of the catholic church (so many, its been a meme for decades).


I only hate his over done and constant stream of outrage. Do not project anything else upon me.


Murder isnt a taboo in our culture. We are all murderers, just due to our heads of nations. Thats a collective thing. Its part of our culture, from the news to our wars. Even if we dont do it ourselves.

Rape on the other hand, thats a solo personal thing. And very much a taboo, for now.

I also think murder, killing, in game settings are an agreement between 2 people to fight. Like you would on the street. If you was a pacifist you wouldnt play fps’ers. If you didnt want a fight in the street you wouldnt get in trouble.

Rape on the other hand is one person doing something without the others consent. Its one sided.
Its a tough topic as the other party isnt real in a game. Who knows, I dont.

We also grow up seeing murder, 911, shooting etc.
Rape on the other hand, we are ignorantly blind to the very real and big problem of the sex trade. We know it happens, how big it is. But never think about it, ever. Its never in the news unless they find Z little girl in the basement. Or X rich man is found out to be apart of it.


In steams case this is true and they have said as much. That is where, now gone, Steam Greenlight came from. There was so much being submitted for review by so many unknown developers they turned the community into the approvals section.

It did not work well over all so now we have the hands off approach. As long as you game follows the rules, it is allowed. If you are found in breach if it I imagine you are banned for further submissions. It was just too much work before.


I would say book do the same thing, they give you all the settings, and you imagine everything in your head. You are in control of his you see the story play out for you.


That I think is why we are here now. People cant do that job as I dont buy any of these game. You’d need to stumble upon it to report it. Even then you have 0 chance of it being sorted.
Those that are looking for this kinda game, a small number, wont report it.

Its the dark web (not really), shielded by us having to part our money to find out. If these where all free game, Green Light would work.

Very true!
I guess with a book you have an author and a publisher to prevent it. A book you can send back after 2 hrs, and is available to everyone. Not all use Steam. Most of the people I know havent even heard of it. But everyone knows Amazon, book stores and libraries.
Have any games on Steam ever made it to media coverage? Or is it too niche to have one of its games ever to make it in the news? Then again, Amazon sold child sex dolls. Maybe people dont care? Maybe we are already too desensitized?

But totally agree!


Why is murder “in game settings” an agreement between two people (they’re often bots??) yet rape in the same context is not.

There’s some pretty amazing mental gymnastics at play to justify the status quo here.


Because he quoted PUBG, where all players are people.
But yeah, good point.

Not really, its a discussion. To discuss and debate and learn. No one is right or wrong in a discussion. Lets go about this with open eyes and ears yeah :grinning: hence my “good point”.

But, I would like to draw your attention to my relation to real life and games, as with the fight being 2 people. Unless its unprevoked, where its wrong. And rape, where its always wrong by definiton of the word.
But I see your point about…

Also the bots in a game are given the same task. Most of the time. I can atm only think of CoD I think where you shoot up an airport. Or GTA where you mow down people. But youre still free in your mind to do or not. Where with a bot in Quake, its dog eat dog. Programmed to kill you too. A part of human nature. Where as rape, I like to think we have evolved enough to not act like apes. Where we are intellectual enough not to act on sexual urges without consent. And where we would consider, even in fantasy to still feel its wrong.
And GTA did cause an uproar. But again, we come from countries where murder is seen every day, is done through the wars casued by those we elect and vote for. But rape is still a silent and personal thing. Yet I happens every day, at mass scale, randomly or in the sex trade we are blind about.


Not even just Steam but Vslve specifically have had a game in the news. Portal 2 was put on blast for a your adopted style joke, some parents somewhere were upset that it might upset their adopted daughter, while in the news coverage she was still playing the game!

So yeah valve and steam have been in the news a few times.


Portal is quite a big game though. Not in the corner like Z examples above. I guess it is the same as the Amazon child sex doll thing. We maybe do hear about it but just forget and dont care enough. 24hr news at its best.