Gaming in Linux is fun... When it works. Primary Display Problems

I have a new fresh Linux Mint install going on and I have installed Steam & Lutris so far. In steam I installed DOOM, on Lutris I installed WOW Classic and Starcraft. What do they all have in common? Well, first of they don’t use the PRIMARY monitor, they go with the GPU Primary DP Monitor.

Tripple-Monitor setup.

I did this because the HDMI have a natural yellow tint, while the DP has a blue light. Colder vs Warmer. It’s three Philips 243V display’s.

So DOOM & Classic went for the GPU first, they all start on the first. So I have to make them window, then move them to the middle, and fullscreen them.

Starcraft 1 on the other hand is a bit strange. It states that it is on the main display, so I window it, and it is, but when I go with a windowed fullscreen it, it changes back to the other screen while the HDMI middle screen starts to blink, switching between black & the background etc.

Maybe I should just not use the HDMI as my primary display. "/

Well I could right-click the icon and just move the game to the monitor that I want to use… "/

Starcraft is still acting up though, and that has been working flawlessly when I have installed it before. "/