Gaming/Home Cad System Build

Hey all,

     Planning a build mainly for gaming but would like to use it for architectural design as well so I don't have to pack my bulky work PC home.

The main game that I play is EVE Online.

Cad systems would include Autodesk Revit & Autocad. I will be rendering in Revit at times.

I'm planing on upgrading the build in the future, SLI GPUs is a high possibility if that's feasible.
I don't know much about overclocking CPUs but that's another future possibility.


Hoping to start off with something around $1,300 or cheaper for the build.

Would this be a good start?
(Currently not showing GPU price which was $230 earlier, with a total of $1,317.00)


I'm open to all input and appreciate your time to help out.



Stronger GPU(with more VRAM, too).  More recent i7, and a 256GB SSD.  If you want to add another GPU, I would suggest going with a 750-850w power supply.

Looks pretty solid man. Appreciate the help!