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I'm trying to decide between three different headsets assuming my Philips Fidelio L1's don't work out for gaming (they're still in shipping). The three I'm trying to decide between are the Func HS-260's, Steelseries 9H's and the HyperX Clouds (aka Qpad QH-90), to replace my Steelseries Siberia V2's.

I've watched the videos that Tek Syndicate did on the Func and 9H, but aside from getting the idea that Logan liked the 9H's more, I couldn't tell if it seemed like it would be worth it to spend $145 on the 9H's vs $80 for the Funcs. I also am not sure if it's worth waiting for the HyperX's to show up, even though assuming they are the same as the Qpad QH-90's, they might be better than either of the other two, based on reviews of that headset.

Any opinions on this? Should I just wait until Tek Syndicate does a review on the HyperX's? Anyone know if the Fidelio L1's are any good for gaming and I should just get a ModMic for them?

Patience is the companion of wisdom. Dont rush and regret your decision.

How do you like your Siberia V2s? Are there any problems you've encountered and would you recommend them?

The V2's are very comfortable and have a good mic, but the audio from them is pretty average after comparing them with the Fidelio L1's. While they do have more bass than the L1's and sound fine in games, the audio overall sounds a bit muddy. I only noticed this after comparing them to the L1's though, I went for years with them having no issues with the sound. I also don't care for the plastic construction, not because they feel especially cheap or flimsy, but because they creak a lot.

I'd say the V2's would be good if you can get them for under $50, and they probably wouldn't rate as highly in reviews if they were re-reviewed as compared to current headsets. (Not sure how long the V2's have been around, but I think it's at least 3 years or so)

Judging from the Tek Syndicate (and other reviews), I would recommend the Func HS-260's over the V2's. It definitely has a better mic, seems like it has better construction and judging off of the reviews, sounds like it has better audio. It also looks nicer.

Of course, I say that but I did end up ordering the HyperX Cloud myself over the Func HS-260. I didn't want to deal with getting a ModMic for my L1's and reviews seem to indicate that the HyperX is quite a bit better than the Func HS-260 overall, while being only $20 more.

From what I can determine from the internet: HyperX Cloud = re-branded QPad QH-90 = re-branded Takstar Pro80 with mic. Not sure if QPad made other modifications to the Takstar though, so saying it's the same thing may not be accurate.

Hey all....i just joined the family ...

please tell which must i go for -

Razer's - Electra s or Kraken s

I have a very good recommendation, The Rosewill Sonas headphones. I recently got them to. Using the microphone on then actually sounds pretty decent. I'm working on getting a video review done with them. Will have it up tonight!

Well thank you Sir (skullabyss)

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Actual good stuff very hard to find (Lots of Fake things (even on recognized websites like

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Also I haven't bought anything from the original "" yet (to this moment).

lots of people say that - some buyers have to pay additional taxes within to receive the products.

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We have Steelseries,Razer,Cooler masters,ThermalTek,bramds like those...

now what can you tell me ?

Thank btw

A lot of those brands are very nice! I would stay away from Razer though. Their headphones break easily.

I think Razer Electra s are good headphoes for music kinda things like electronic music & all.

They sound good,but they are not that good as ATH M50s i guess.

Update on the original post. I got the HyperX Clouds and am extremely happy with them.