Gaming Headset

So I'm about to purchase a new headset, but I'm a bit confused. I know which headset I want, used and I really like it. However it comes in two models one priced at $20 and the other at $40. Whats the difference. I know that the one I used was the $40 one.

the $40 one is usb the other one is not
i suggest not buy it
its a crap headset

buy a plantronics gamecom 377 ther really comfy and feel very nice on your head

I have a tiny head, I know someone with this and they don't feel very snug on me.

i tried the plantronics
the logitech ones
the plantronics is far superior but huge

i would suggest the creative fatality thats what i currently use not too big not too small
very good sound quality its just flimsy and the build quality is not the best

if you have $80 get the charcarias from razer that shit works wonders

I use Plantronics and would recommend it to anyone, but if you have the money go with Razer.

Since you like them just go with the cheaper ones. It seems there is no difference, besides the more expensive one connects via USB. Especially for the reputation of those headphones, $40 doesn't seem worth it.

i love my carcharias.
and speaking of the carcharias, razer is having a contest that ends june 28th for a chance to win a razer carcharias.

link :

all you do is fill in some info and answer a multiple choice question.

the answer is the third one down which is "Extended Comfort Circumaural Design for extended hours of game-play"

i recommend the Gamecom 377's too. Â I have them and they are leet (I mean 1337).

I'm using my Sennheiser HD280 Pro. Love 'em!

Back to the 40$ world! Does Razer have some cheapies on the market?
Otherwise, Creative Fatal1ty gamingheadset should be great.

Thanks a lot for the help guys! I just ordered the $20 pair from Logitech because their cheap and I already know I like how they feel. But I think later on I'm going to upgrade to the Fatal1ty or something from Razer. Thanks guys.