Gaming Headset

What is the best gaming headset for aroung 100 USD? If getting a pair of normal headhones and an external microphone is the best way to go then a set up for that would be okay too.

Those look nice. Do you know how comfy they are, the narrow headband scares me a little?

Not exactly in the same price range, but what I have:

The only thing is to make sure you pic up a 4-conductor to 2 3-conductor splitter so you can break out the mic/headphone cable to your PC.

Pretty comfortable, and they don't pinch at all (and I have a fairly wide head)

They aren’t the best of the best in terms of comfort, but they are still pretty good, you don't need a huge amount of padding on the headband with a well designed headphone, and the CAL is pretty light.


Okay how is the microphone? Should I get an external one and a regular 3 pin cable or just a splitter?

Does anyone know anything about these headphones? They seem pretty nice to me.  I could get them with their boom mic.  Not to mention really me how they look.


I have a pair and they are REALLY bass heavy. Probably not the best for gaming, but not as bad as a headset.

They're also very portable and durable if you want to take with you on-the-go.