Gaming Headset

Im looking for a new headset for simple gaming, nothing really high end. I can only spend £30-50. but id like to be able to use it with my ps3. A mic that works with Skype would be another helpful extra. Any suggestions helpfull!!!

For consoles get Turtle Beaches or go to a gamestop

I've been looking for this too except I've made my choice and will be buying some shortly. If you want an all in one headset that you can get NOW then yes go for some turtle beaches or tritton or some other brand like that. However you wont get very good quality.

Turtle Beaches and most other gaming headsets dont give you a very good sound stage. They tend to bring up the highs so you get the effect of more bass in explosions. They sound captivating but don't do you much good for competitive gaming. If you want to do this then you want something that gives you better highs lows and mid.The mids are what you need for that edge because it allows you to hear footsteps or rustling of bushes if you're playing FPS games. This would cause you to look at an open cup set of headphones which leak a lot of noise but give you better positional accuracy. However if you dont play FPS and dont want noise to leak then go for a closed cup which usually means noise canceling but it might not be branded like that.

An alternative to look for, is a headphone company which specializes in acoustics like Audiotechnica or sennheiser. Most gamers in the $150 price range buy the ATH M50 or something by sennheiser. I'll be getting the ATH AX700x for the higher mids. In your price range I'd look towards the m30's then pair it with a zalman microphone. A few people recommended this mic since its small.. clips onto other cords like headphone cords and is only $5 but has excellent noise cancellation features.

Hope this opens new avenues for you to explore. Not saying you have to buy what I suggest but I recommend looking into headphones that are made for sound stages and acoustics vs just making games sound cool.