Gaming Headset Question

Hey guys I am thinking about getting a razer gaming headset, now I know what I want but my question is will it work, you see I think it gives you 2 cables that are wrapped together (mic and audio) now I have 2 logitech speakers on my desk, but they only have an audio plug not a mic plug, my mic plug is in the back of my computer (inaccessible without a super long cable) So will it work out for me, if not would some sort of wireless headset work out better? Help me out please


On my old gaming rig I used to run mic/headphones from the rear panel I/O and had a long ass cable (thanks to Turtle Beach headset) which easily fit to my chair with excess.

When wanting to listen through speakers, I would just plug in the single 3.5mm to the front panel I/O.

Obviously, this will only work if you have 2ch audio as there is only a single 3.5mm on the front of cases. 

Without turning this into a "which headset" thread, I haven't yet personally seen a razer headset that provides what I would call clear/decent audio. Even my turtle beach X12's blow the doors off the Kraken Pro that my wife uses. For her, it was more of form then function. Bright and green sold it.

Don't you have mic/speaker out on front panel?

Personally, I used the headset more then desk speakers at that time so it was a case of which one would I want plugged in as preference. 

But for the sake of the OP; Yeah, good point. 

Btw, what does OP mean and it would be very awkward to have the headphones coming out the front panel : /

OP = Original Post

I think he means the front I/O panel (where you're USB is, etc.) should have both mic and headphones. Guess it depends on your case.