Gaming Headphones?

Hello people of Tek Syndicate!

I am sick and tired of my cheap $15 everyday use headphones I bought at WalMart.

I was thinking of buying a high end gaming headset for whenever I'm gaming, whether it's single player or on a multiplayer server, I just want good sound quality. Also, I use skype when gaming with my friends, so I'll need something that's good for that, too.

I was looking at something like the Razer Kraken, I hear it's a good headset, but I was wondering if there are better options out there. If there are better options, please let me know. 


VGam3r97 (or VGamer)


In general, most gaming headsets don't have the best sound quality, and even worse mic quality. You could get studio headphones and then a separate mic for (i think) a similar price (depending on how much you were looking to spend) with overall better quality.

But I honestly am not the best to answer this question, so definitely get more input from others.

Buy this:

And this:


And never think about ever buying a gaming headset again.

You should check out the SIberia Elites from SteelSeries if you have a fairly high budget. They are trully some of the best headphones around unlike the Razer ones

They look very nice, and I saw good reviews on them on the links you gave me. I'll consider to look more into those options, thank you.

I'm looking into a set that is no more than $150, that's my budget

On a 1-10 scale

  • comfort: 6
  • audio quality: 8
  • value: 12

If you are OK with the fins they might be more comfortable to you. They sound better than most $150 headphones. this and this But i like the warm and fuzzy of tubes. These have to be broke in correctly and playing with different tubes is recommended.

Wow, these look nice. $30 seems a little skeptical to me, but after looking into the reviews, I think this might be the best bang for my buck! Thanks, Logan!

Thanks for the recommendation, but I have no idea how that PCB-like item (the second link you sent me) actually works, I might consider myself to look up a video on it.

Ya, the amp is for tinkers. Out of the box its okay. A few correct mods and it becomes something kind of special ( especially for the money )

I'm extremely happy with my Roccat Kave 5.1 (true) Headset.