Gaming gpu suggestions

Hi, wondering if any one can help me decide what budget gpu I should get for gaming I have a £100($160) budget and I've been looking into the asus gtx 750ti 2gb gddr5 just looking for any other suggestions.

thanks guys

I would go for this Sapphire R7-265  which is basicly a 7850.

if you could sqeeze 17 pounds somewhere you could get something like this.R9-270

R7 265 should be in budget. Better than the 750ti

indeed :D

R7-265 is a 7850.

But if you get a GTX 750Ti with a 6 pin power connector, you can overclock it to perform better than a R7-265.

Thanks for the advice guys and do you think my current specs will hold back the new graphics card while gaming? 

cpu:AMD fx 4100 at 4.0ghz

Ram:4gb 1600mhz (will be getting another 4gb very soon)

Mobo: asus m5a78 usb3




Should be fine with any mid-range card.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions just a few more questions.

is there any noticeable difference between the r7 265 and the 270 in game?

and also do you guys think these cards can run games like BF4 and Grid auto sport at high settings with playble FPS on a single 1280x1024 monitor?


The R7 265 is a step down from the R9 270. Both will capably handle AAA titles at 1080p.

As a rough guide, the 270 will achieve ultra presets in BF4 1080p, while the R7 265 could play BF4 on high 1080p. You're using a lower resolution panel, you shouldn't have any trouble.

Try to find a good deal on an r9 270. The price difference is not great, and you should get an additional 30% relative performance increase. All models of R9 270 come with a couple of free games.

Thanks everyone on helping me make my mind up This is my first ever post I've put on a forum and I have to say every one is very helpful and Im gonna push abit more and get the r9 270.

thanks guys

750 ti

Do You guys think it's worth spending abit more and getting the r9 270x version? And will there be any noticeable difference

good choice, R9-270 is basicly a 7870. which is still a very capable card.

Go with the R9 270 if it's cheaper.  It's the same card, but at a lower clockspeed.

Also, I do no recommend crossfiring low end cards.  Performance in non-crossfire optimized games will be weak, and it consumes a lot of power.  You often have problems with microstuttering and driver issues as well.

I have a fx 4100 cpu,4gb ram (upgrading to 8gb very soon) my monitor is running at 1366x768 and I would like to run most games at high if possible and my budget is £100ish

Crossfiring two low-end cards is not a great idea.