Gaming event experiences?

Hello good people!

I don't really know where this topic should go but Community seemed close enough.
Anyways I was curious about what gaming events have you participated in? Spectating, being on the stage and what not.

Personally my eSports Event virginity was taken last June @ ESL One Frankfurt (20th-21st) which is a relatively big Dota 2 happening in the Commerzbank-Arena football stadium in central Germany. 8 teams across the world compete in it (Team Secret, Fnatic, Cloud9, Virtus.Pro, Evil Geniuses, Invictus Gaming, Alliance and Vici Gaming).
The event was really good even though I don't have any previous experience to compare it to. I had premium tickets so I got free food and great seatings so that was definitely impactful. What is really great about eSports crowd is that no one gets really salty if their favorite team loses and there's no hooliganism in the scene. I love it.
Overall it was probably one of the best weekends of my adolescence. I spectated it with 4 of my best friends btw.
I plan to go spectate a similar event next year definitely, this feels like my thing more than discos or festivals.