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Hello person reading this. Let me start off by saying that the editing I'll be doing is nowhere between intense professional video editing and huge projects. The limit I've set is $1500 and no more. Having said that take your time to read the following text and tell me if I should or not overclock. (Being a little harsh, aren't I? No offence.)

So I'll be editing photos (photoshop CS6, containing many brushes, templates, etc.) videos (Sony vegas and Adobe after effects or even 3D modeling -- rarely used but I've watched some videos and I'm starting to get into it.) Also, I'll mainly be using it for gaming so I'll be playing in ultra-high resolution. Producing music and other minor facts are not much of importance, I believe. Therefore I want a fast and responsive system to create dynamic visual effects and multitask. You may make any suggestions freely.


Also, for the case I'm thinking about CM Storm Stryker, because uh, I have a white fetish, yeah.

im gonne edit youre build  in a second, i see 2 things wo can better

i chanced it into this.

you selected 4x4 GB gskill ramm, with  high heat spreader, problem there, it wont fit cause with that big air cooler you choosed you need memory with low heat spreaders, i chosed for 2x8 GB of kingston hyper 1600mhz.

i chanced the gpu cause you gonne do rendering photoshop and video additing, so in that case youre realy gonne need the cuda cores of a nvidia card, i selected one of the best cards i know its expensive, but it its one of the best cards for youre needs!!

i also chaned the mainboard to  the Asus M5A99FX pro rev 2.0 just because its cheaper, and to keep the build under 1500, the build i selected is under 1500 include the CM storm stryker white.

If you want the sabbertooth board ite wen just about a few dollers over 1500 some 1520 dollar or so.

its for you to decide.


Heres what I've came up with, You have $200 to use on any case you'd like.

Tell me what you think

Edit: I looked right past the heat spreded issue, One minute

good haha ;) yeah those damm heat spreaders.

i think the 2 of us have give 2 nice builds to decide the intel from you or the AMD from me. :)

Heres an updated build with the styker and low profile RAM

But they look so cool!

Yea, I personally have the 3770k in my rig and it rener video so fast :D (The 3820 is darn near the same with less overclockability)

yeah i7 3770k is ofc a real good thing to, tobad its end of life  over a few months. but its realy a nice thing to

Not sure why I should go with a 4GB video card. I'm not going to use eyefinity therefore definitely I see no point. 

I actually believe that the 3820 is NOT worth. The 8350 utilizes more cores when rendering and they are two similar CPUs that the 3820 is beaten in some aspects. What makes buying 8350 more appealing and competitive is the price. I definitely don't want to spend a lots of money on something I regret. 

yea i think the AMD build i made is a better way to go. 

Realise you gone do professional video edditing and stuff, like photoshop and so, thats why i selected, that expensive particular video card, cause its realy one of the best you can buy for it. and the build fits in youre budget.

but its ofc you can go for a cheaper gpu, but if i was you, then  look at my build :)

Didn't you read my other post? 

Not sure why I should go with a 4GB video card. I'm not going to use eyefinity therefore definitely I see no point. 

I probably go with AMD 8350, considering how much better at multitasking it is and all those extra cores. If you mainly gaming I would go with the AMD 7970, but if your main goal is to use programs such as Photoshop, 3D modeling, anything that has to do with rendering, virtual machines, etc I would recommend the GTX 680 because it increases your render times a ton. 16GB is great, I would, with your budget, try to move it to 1866 Mhz. And because of how much your spending I would go with water cooling, to keep your system nice and cool. Try getting a better PSU, a 750W should do alot better and last longer. And because of all the programs you use, I would grab a bigger SSD for holding you prgrams and some projects along with your OS.

This is what I got, ofcourse the case is a personal opinion, so feel free to change it. And you could overclock this a good bit if you wanted to pull more performance out of it. Also if you choose to go with the 7970, you would be saving your self about $200 dollars on what ever you want.

GTX build: $1500

AMD build: $1360

What you dont get is that all that extra Cuda you get from the Nvidia card will boost your rendering speed a lot. A lot of programs feed off the amount of Cuda Nvidia provides. So a 4GB card may seem like a ton, but also you probably will not have to change your card for a long time with the 680. But agin if your main purpose is Gaming and not Rendering go with the 7970. It just depends on what your doing more, both will give you the best performance from all your games.

you say in youre start post you do rendering modeling  video edditing, and photoshop and so on, at professional base.

wenn you say professional i du understand realy professional!!


if youre an amateur in the things you describe, and you only a gamer, then go for the 7970.

i just selected this card cause of the performance i know its expensive but it fits in youre budget, and you want the best to get in youre budget :)

 this is the last thing i say about it in this topic thank you ☻


@Jetix So how much time will approximately take for the GTX to render a video if the Radeon takes let's say 5 hours?

It's right on the beginning of my post. 

Let me start off by saying that the editing I'll be doing is nowhere between intense professional video editing and huge projects.

So yeah.

I said you could change out the 680 if you felt that was alot better for your uses and you could save $200 doing it. Add an SSD or something. I provided a build below that will work either way.

okay my last input then, wenn i did read the start post wrong, and that is a possiblity, cause im not english. if you wanne safe money, like i said before then go for a 7970, if the cuda isnt inportant for you, and you do not.. intensive edditing and so on.

by the way im a  amd/radeon fan girl in the first place, so i would allways prefer  for gaming a radeon, but in this case, wenn i saw the other things you probaley doing with  youre pc, and the budget you have......

that 4gb gtx680 was for me the best choice for both ways.

dont get me wrong im not angry or so, but i only wants whats best of both worlds nvidia or  radeon, for both  gaming and  video edditing rendering, photoshop and all those things. you described, and what fits in youre budget.  and that would be deffanetly the GTX680