Gaming/Editing PC

This is my build so far; I originally had an Intel 3570k but I decided to go with the 8350 because it gets very similar results in games and tends to be better with editing softwares. I have everything except for the CPU, the CPU cooler, and finally a motherboard, that's where I need help. I need a good motherboard that's 990FX and ATX as well as supports at least 1600mhz ram. It needs to be Windows 8 ready and preferably have PCI-E 3.0 for my 7950. If it doesn't that's fine but it has to be PCI-E 2.0 X16. I would prefer dual channel memory and support for 32GB (or more) ram. I would like it to be under 120 USD if possible, and I am going to a Microcenter store to get my CPU so it's fine if it's from there. However please check it on the Microcenter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thanks everybody!

just because it doesnt say windows 8 ready doesnt mean that your pc wont run windows 8. and take this motherboard its about 5 dollars more expensive than you asked for, but im sre you can live ;)

hope this helps,


You didn't actually give me a link to the motherboard..

Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0.

good mainboard, ofc windows 8 ready and  lots of fuetures.

by the way, there arent AMD mainboards wo supporting pci-e 3.0..yet, but they will come in the future..

If you really feel the need for 32 GB of RAM you can. Otherwise, the build looks really solid now with that ASRock Extreme9 990FX board.