Gaming/Editing Dream PC

I am looking at building a computer in the next few months since I have a little more money coming in now, I wanted to make my dream pc. This is what I have in mind:

 Is there any problems or compatibility issues in this build?

*Also, if anyone says I should get a 1440p monitor in this price range, I realize that would be good as a single monitor, but I already have one of the monitors in the build and figured I could go dual monitor, maybe triple in the future.

Are you sure about that Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013? I own the keyboard and I would rate it a 4 out of 5. It looks nice, but there are better keyboards with the same quality like any of the CM Storm keyboards, which you can get with different key switches. I have also heard great things about Corsair's keyboards because they are made of aluminum and have super amazing build quality. Also, is there any specifc reason you are going Haswell? Ivy Bridge is still great and, if I am correct, Ivy Bridge overclocks significantly better than Haswell.

I figured it would be best to go with the newest I could, and I wanted to go with the whole lime green color scheme, and I immediately thought razer. Would there be any other keyboards with that color scheme that are better? I do know that Slick on LinusTechTips is in love with Ducky's keyboards, as he always raves about them. I am not sure what he reccomends but the Ducky Shine 2 comes with a green LED backlight variant. The Ducky Shine also uses a removeable mini USB cable so if you lose it, you can easily replace it. Or if you may need to charge your phone (many Android phones use mini USB) and you have lost your mini USB cable, then you can use the cable for Shine 2 to charge it. I would go with this myself because I do travel a bit, I don't like to drag my PC around, but I hate the keys on all laptops so I use my own keyboard and mouse. Also, I use the Razer Naga 2012 instead of the DeathAdder, I find that the extra buttons come in handy many times in games like BF3 and Skyrim when switching between weapons or equipped items.

+1 on the Naga. I was thinking of getting that instead of the deathadder. About the ducky keyboard, from what I see, it is more expensive than the razer keyboard and I am already over my $3000 goal, so I don't know if i should go with it or not. I kind of had a razer theme going on, as you could see. Here, how is this? Maybe if I can cough up the extra money, I will get the deathstalker ultimate. I have an external usb drive to install the OS, and will get an external blue ray drive in the future.

The PSU seems a little overkill and you may want a non-modular or semi-modular power supply because of your case, that case has no cable management in it at ALL. I would also make sure with other power supply's that you have at least 38 amps on the +12V Rail.

If the case has no coble management options, then he will want a fully modular PSU, right?

That EVGA PSU is also pretty low end; the newer EVGA PSUs are worth it, they are just Enermax OEMs, but that earlier model isn't.

I'd personally get an EVGA G650, which has more than enough amps for really any GPU configuration, much higher build quality than that early EVGA model, and is semi-modular, with otly the EPS and 24 pin attached, so cable management will be easy.

I can't explain this very good, but I will link you a build video in the BitFenix Prodigy and you should go to 19:00 and listen to both of the guys talk for the next minute or so and they will mention why you should use a non-modular powersupply for the BitFenix Prodigy.

I forgot to mention that the size of the PSU matters a lot when using that case! Watch the video I linked and they will mention specific PSU sizes and what kind of PSU to get if you are building in the Prodigy. 

Aye, get a CM storm keyboard. their Filco rebrands, and that is to say- 'God-like' you could kill a man with one.

Also- look at the M65- same deal, you can kill a man with it.


(both the CM storm keyboard and the M65 have aluminum frames.)

Ugh, I can't tell you how much I loathe the Bitfenix Prodigy. I'd much rather OP get a Silverstone TJ08B-E than a Prodigy.


I want my next build to be in a Prodigy because I love the way they look, I want a build with the mITX form factor, I want to experiment with custom-loop watercooling, and I want a rig that I can easily bring around with me. I don't know of any other cases that can combine all that and make it so good looking and awesome.