Gaming/editing cpu

Hi i am planing on building a pc i plan on rendering/ editing/gaming   i am on a budget i have every part decideded except the cpu and mobo    should i go amd fx or intel i5 i can oc i am getting a good cooler hyper 212 evo not the best but what cpu should i buy any reply will be helpful thnx

we need to know

  • what country you live in
  • what is your budget
  • what programs will you be using
  • what games will you be playing

Well, it depends on your budget. However, between an i5 and an FX, i'd go with the i5 3570k. Even though a 3570k and a FX 8350 are cosntantly alternating as winners in some specific benchmarks, they perform pretty much the same in most situations, and i belive the 3570k has a better OC potential. Both cost around $200