Gaming/Developing rig opinion needed

well from all my research so far i have concluded to go with this build

i7 3820 (oc it to 4ghz+ with H100/H100i cooler)

hd 7950 (oc it to 7970 standards) 3gb

16gb ram @ 1.6mhz+

ssd 256gb (cruciial m4 or kingston hyperx 3k)

any motherboard X79


i like to future proof my computer 

thats one of the biggest reasons i picked with socket 2011 instead of the 1155

aswell as that this rig is going to be made in 2 purchases 1st: gpu and ssd among few other peripharals and 2nd: cpu motheboard and ram. unsure of the gap between the 2 purchases.

i will be using this for hardcore gaming long hours at hopefully max setting but not a must( and possible triple 27 inch monitor eyefinity in the future), developing games (firstly something basic game maker/flash/unreal engine/unity engine) and some basic/intermediate in photoshop and sony vegas.

i dont need a integrated graphics card as i will keep my old one 4870 just in case 7950 dies but hopefully it wouldnt so i could go crossfire if not buying a new card

also wonder will my old PSU work or has the socket 2011 had changes that wont support my one?

current psu is: ocz mod X stream-pro  700W



don't know your budget but try getting a 680 or if you can a 690 how many gig version of video card are going with dude


3gb and why 680 or 690 instead of 7950

^ a 680 will give you slightly better in game performance and has CUDA, but is also a lot more expansive than a 7950, but for minor photoshop and sony vegas CUDA doesent matter as much, and if your goign to end up doing a 3x 27" Eyefinity id go with the AMD cards 7950 or 7970, just because of the extra Vram and more Bus bandwidth which will help a lot at those monstrous resolutions!

For gaming that HD7950 will definitely hurt a lot of the current games, that processor is a serious one as well!

I do not know about developing honestly, but would your system really need that much processor horsepower to do it? Your power supply is fine for your setup so far, if you want to add another graphics card in crossfire for example i recomend getting a proper higher quality one.

I believe the reason the fella mentioned a 680 is because you mentioned photoshop and sony vegas, which can use CUDA cores for video editing boost(or so i have read, the real video guys will clear this out for us)

if 680/690 over 7950 only for cuda i dont see it that useful for me as i wont be using photoshop and sony vegas that often

as for the psu i will ge it replaced if i will be going to crossfire aswell as i might just upgrade it for the sake of having a more newer one as this has quite a few years clocked on it

as it has been explain it has more cuda cores and this is just my opinion games better.

you should also get a hdd for large storage of file and a back up.


i have an external hdd and a few hdd which ill just carry over to my new rig

okay and in my opinion the nvidia drivers are easier to used to customize and the cards come with free games if you buy from evga which is the best manufaturer

If I were to get a Game Development rig, I woud just get a shitty Netbook with 1GB of RAM and watch out for memory leaks. You gotta take into account if you want mass adoption, it has to be optimized for people that have shitty Hardware. When Minecraft was in Alpha, it ran on crappy Netbooks and look at what happened to it.

680 Just for the developing part, for gaming a 7970 is just as good/better than a 680 and more cost effective, but commodore has a valid point, except spec the game a bit higher, like Killing floor status. It can run on shitty computers maxed yet looks pretty damn nice. Not a netbook, but I ran it on an AMD A8 maxed at like 50 Fps.