Gaming Desktop Build

I'm new to the PC gaming world and would like to know if this PC, will hold up against Diablo III, Minecraft (with mods) TF2, and Metro 2033/Last Light.

My MAX price is $750 without OS or monitor. Is there anything I can upgrade/downgrade on?

You PSU needs changing. Do NOT buy a poor PSU! It can break your system. Personally I would stick with brads like Corsair, XFX and Seasonic. If you buy good parts you don't want poor and unstable power flow going into them.

Could get a better CPU, personally I see the market as Intel for gaming and AMD for rendering. But that's just me, you would be good with it, but still.

After you swap out that PSU, if you have any money left, I would recommend an SSD, not essential but with the low prices I feel it's a must have in any system that you can put one in.

Thats my two cents on the situation, but PLEASE swap the PSU for something of higher quality.

Good luck!

I changed the PSU and switched to Intel for the same price:

Will this or my old build, do better?

you should go with a second gen FX cpu (comes out Oct 23)

your on board sound is just as good as that sound card

you can get cheaper ram and dont buy gear head

the psu is border line a 600w would be better

and your better off with a am3+ because you will have at least one more generation to choose from (am3 cpu's. fx gen 1. fx gen 2, and fx gen 3) where no new cpu's are coming out for 1155.

Get a better video card if you're going to play metro. 

I agree, better GPU for Metro and in the future games are gonna be more demanding.

More wattage on the PSU would allow overclocks. So I would go 550-600