Gaming deal PC build

what do you guys think about this combo?

looks pretty nice, aside from the case and psu O_o

I was going to get the Storm Stryker, but this combo is very very close to my original build idea, and i kinda am intrigued. 

1,100 and it only has a 660


aesthetically the psu might look a bit unpleasing/dingy but it is a solid top quality PSU. Seasonic makes top of the line PSUs and since Corsair is rebranded Seasonic pretty much any Corsair will be a good if not great PSU.

as is, im spending 1400 and only getting a 660 either way

Would you all get this combo?

or this one and fill in the other things necessary?

First one doesn't even have a gpu and 16 gb ram.

first one's got 16gb ram 2x crucial ballistic. but it doesnt have gpu which i would add and it'd be the gigabyte 660 ti

16gb isn't needed is what I'm pointing out.

Combos like these are made to get rid of unwanted stock.


Suggest gathering the parts yourself and suit it all to your needs rather then getting a prebuit rig.

To be perfectly honest I wouldn't buy a whole rig combo from newegg, but rather piece it together from ground up because with those combos you aren't really saving much and you are giving up some customization options. If I were to choose between the two combos I would go with the stryker combo, that's just my opinion though.

1,400 budget, working on it really don't understand why you're only getting a 660 for a gaming PC

the 670 i would like to get is the FTW one from evga because of their incredible support, but i know i should get the MSI 670. prolly will end up with that one. And the 660 TI vs 670 is marginal difference for the 100 dollar gap.

do you intend on Overclocking the CPU out of the box or just later on or not at all?

as soon as its out of the box im ramping it up. H100 should be just fine