Gaming crisis, need some help

My gaming experience for the last 5/6 years has been around a few league of legends games with friends and many hours playing mmorpgs (Tibia and Metin2).

Since I changed my OS to Linux I stopped playing in an effort to not waste my time and focus on my studies but right now all I do is study, videos on youtube and watch movies and series this is my life. At times I spend 2/3 hours just refreshing my youtube, facebook and reddit pages hopping for something to happen.

I want to find some games that I can get into but that doesn't require me to be active every day (playing mmorpgs is off the table I get too into them and spend stupid hours playing). Something story and mission based (one that comes to mind is borderlands) that also runs on linux.

Any suggestion on what to do on those tedious moments of the day instead of mindlessly browsing the web?

Fistful of Frags and Red Crucible are some nice free FPSs available for the linux platform.


Do you have Borderlands 2 or the Pre-Sequel yet? Those are on linux now, and you mentioned it.

Heroes of Newerth is pretty good. A DOTA game that came out around the same time of League of Legends, but did not start Free To Play and tried to target a more hardcore market, which hurt it in the end (free to play now) though by most accounts it was a better, but tougher and harsher, game.

The double fine games are all pretty great if you ask me, though my favorite of them, Brutal Legend, has a lot of bugs on the PC versions in general.

Counter-Strike might also be something for you.

I do the same thing on the web all day. I don't play much anymore and rarely finish games. For me it's more about checking out the 3D graphic art and exploring the open worlds. I have really been enjoying Just Cause 3 lately. I'm ignoring the story missions and I just jump in for a half hour or so to liberate one town before my carpal tunnel acts up. I just finished an Easter Egg hunt where I found the Big Head gun that turns people into helium balloons and the Atomic Pogo stick that can jump over a skyscraper.

I checked to see if it was on Linux (coming soon, maybe) and found a site that may be helpful to you.

No I do not and buying games is not one of my priorities, plus my laptop is 5 years old and doesn't handle many recent games.

Have tried it, runs well on linux but not my kind of game to relax ( mostly because coming from LoL everything is different and I feel like I don't have the patience to "re-learn" almost everything )

This is something that I may invest my money on, CS:GO seems to be very competitive. I still enjoy playing cs1.6 from time to time.

If you want inexpensive, low resources, and quick fun play:
Teeworlds (2D, fast shooter/combat game with kirby looking characters and various modes with online play)
FreeDink (Kinda funny older 3D RPG, with a decent small base story but a huge load of mods with extra story and such)
Metal Blob Solid (First is a 2D sidescrolling shoot 'em up/platformer, second is 3D FPS I believe?)
Battle of Wesnoth (turn based strategy, but most the missions/campaigns aren't super long)
Super Tux Kart (like mario kart with some elements of diddy kong racing, pretty fun)

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Skyrim, fallout, assasins creed, and fps multi player. Will offer hours and hours of play time. Smite is a free to play moba. Only thing is that you'll be stuck with whatever God's are on rotation until you build up in game coin to puchase the ones you want. Or buy all the God's with real money. They put them on sale every 3 months or so for 33% off.

From these I have tried assassins creed (back when I was running windows) and my pc shutdown after 15min of play on min settings due to overheating, so I suspect the same would happen with those games.

To smite applies the same as for dota, I don't know champions, items etc and at this moment I don't have the will to learn all that.

You could also find an emulator and play some older games.

One game I've recently gotten really into is The Banner Saga. Really story driven strategy game with some light RPG elements. Your choices deeply affect the storyline and NPCs depending on what you decide in seemingly super simple situations. Really good, decently challenging as well. Broforce, Left for Dead 2, and Nuclear Throne are all some really good quick fun games, that you can play with friends. Nuclear Throne is a very hard game though haha, so if super challenging isn't your thing save the money. Good luck man!

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Maybe you can try to learn programming?

Well I am in my third year of computer engineering so I have that covered, but yeah I could learn other languages and technologies.

Ah. Maybe you can try to find some open-source projects to work on? Good use of your time, helping others and learning.

Yeah this semester I got the opportunity to contribute to a opensource project (atom a multi platform text editor) for one of my classes and did enjoy it.

But it takes a lot of effort to get into a project that is moderately sized, understanding all the architecture and sometimes the programming language if you are not familiar with it, in fact I have posted on the tek forums asking for suggestion of cool open source projects that would be easy to get into but got no appealing answers.

Linux has lots of easy to play Indy games