Gaming Computer to beat PS4

I'm wanting to build a computer that has better graphics than a ps4. My budget is 450-500$ and I live in the U.S. Also I prefer an AMD processor and I don't need any peripherals. 

Oh yeah I've previously purchased this gaming card:

Im going to be honest with you. Using that card, even in crossfire with a second, will not beat a next gen console. Consoles will be based off of the 7870 gpu, and crossfired 7770's are at par with the bottom-line 7870. Computers are more expensive than consoles because they can do so much more. You would need to increase your budget a bit to flat out beat a next gen console.

Sell your video card and get this and you'll be grand.

That being said, you should probably go with this card. It's 23 bucks more, but the cooling solution is 10x better and you have massive overclocking potential.

Also, this case would give you better cooling out of the box. Cant ask for much for 30 bucks, I'm afraid.

Altogether this build would run you $573 USD. IF you sold your card, it probably would be far off your current budget. Think about it.

thank you for the help

By would, I meant would not*