Gaming computer build

Hey community of Tek Syndicate, i am gonna build my system in late Jan(hopefully, if not Feb).So, here is the system, please comment on it and suggest anymore upgrades if needed.

Sir the only thing i would change on your system is the PSU, the XFX 650 is $5 less offers 5 amps more on the 12v rail and has a 5 year warranty . It also gives you room for a crossfire 7870 setup in the future if you so wish to do so.

thanks for the feedback John c, but sadly the XFX is not available in my country and i trust antec and i will not do a crossfire or SLI setup as it is a pain to setup and the price to performance drop a lot as they do not scale at 100%, so i am better off with 1 graphics card.

Fair enough, the system is solid then. One asthetic bit though, green ram sticks? lol everyone has their tastes but it is a odd color choice.

actually, i am going with the kingston hyperX genesis, which are black, but i can't find them on pcpartpicker, so i just randomly chose a kingston hyperX because there is just so many types of hyperXes it is impossible to find the one i wanted. this the ram- the picture is a black hyperX.

Very nice, properly done!

thanks, hours of research will pay off soon when i get my parts, wish me luck in advance!

also, this configuration will probably not play smoothly on crysis 3 right? If that is correct, we will be back in 2007 with crysis starting fires everywhere around the world.

It will be playable, med to high as from what i have read in the requirements it's not so bad. I would say med-high settings at 1080 with proper drivers update.

oh really? I am alright with medium settings, i thought that it will be as bad as crysis 1.

I wish it would be, i wish that Crysis 3 would make a 690 or a 7990 poop the bed. It would give graphics card manufacturers a reason to push for much more effecient powerful cards which would benefit us greatly.

i also hope for that, but it kinda seems like the PC will be stuck in the same performance margin for like a year or 2.

i remember seeing a post by maximum pc with a beast gaming setup with 2 of the 4870x2 and they managed to only get 26 FPS from crysis.