Gaming Computer build good enough?

I was going to build a $1500 pc this year but I have picked parts out that are cheaper because I am afraid I can't spend $1500 but these seem good enough to do what I want it to. I plan on playing the latest games on high/ultra at 30fps or higher I understand some games like metro last light and crysis 3 destroy many gpus but besides the rare few I want to max out current games like watch dogs, battlefield 4, call of duty ghosts and hopefully gta v if it comes to pc.. I want to play skyrim with many texture mods to make it look great I play at 1920x1080p (1 monitor) 


Gpu is exactly this- 660 ftw signature 2 2gb


Swap the motherboard for a Z77 chipset. I prefer the 7870XT to the 660/660 ti, the 7870 is the higher performing card. You could put a 7950 in this system. It isn't much more expensive, and it is a high-tier card. The 7950 comes with a brilliant games bundle.

Finally, throw in a decent SSD. Then you're pretty much set.

FYI, the 7950 is more appropriate for running texture mods in Skyrim, due to the 3GB of Vram.

Also another question I have is will this build destroy the ps4 and xbox one? the specs are released I believe and I think mine would perform allot better or at least I hope so since im paying double.

It will easily destroy next gen consoles.

Just make sure you get a decent Z77 motherboard, for SLI/crossfire. That would be an easy upgrade, for the future. The Z77 will allow you to overclock your components. It is the enthusiast grade chipset, comes with all the nice additions, even if you have no intention of overclocking.

It's not much more expensive, compared to the motherboard already selected.

What Cpu would be effecient enough for the 7950 would a fx 4350 do it?

I plan on overclocking, I just saw the price, and color scheme and thought it would be fine I forgot to check the chipset (facepalm)

Something like this. I find ASUS and Gigabyte motherboards to be preferable.