Gaming Clan, .CSC| Friends

I have a clan with 8bitmix called .CSC| Friends. The forums are on

We need more members so join. We have two servers. A L4D server and a CS:S server. We also have a steam group. We will get more servers when we have more members. I'd also like to be a sub clan if any admins here want to help me out.

If you want a new server, just post what you want. I will pick the most popular request and buy it.

Forum group is .CSC| Friends, and the tag is CSC. My steam name is wamboldt21.

If you guys want, my RAZE| team will play you guys in L4D.


Im down for that a versus match but you guys gotta get some good dudes cant be havin' dumb people play against me 8bit is bad enough.

Bragbragbragbrag ITS IIKE A BRAG MACHINE!

I suck at l4d, except playing as boomer : )

Oh and Frank, I put the RAZE in my steamname, nah mean?