Gaming causes my pc to freeze

I just got a new computer three or four days ago and every time I try to play a game it freezes up on me. I've checked around and everyone says that I've probably got an overheated GPU, but my GPU is staying nice and cool, could it be driver problems?


Specs: CPU FX 8320

GPU: Nvidia GTX 770 2gb

Gigabyte 990fx mobo

2tb hdd

8gb ddr3 1600mhz RAM 

What psu? 

Xtremegear 800watt 80+gold certified. 

I bought this pc from Cyberpower by the way.

Whoops, not 80+gold just 80+ certified. My bad, I cant type on a phone.

Yes, it could be drivers.  I'd give them an update to be sure (or revert to an older driver in the chance that the newest driver is unstable).  I'm assuming that when checking your GPU temps you also had a look at your CPU temps as an overheating CPU can cause this as well.  Ram can also be an issue, so I'd check that.  If all else fails, start pulling parts and see if the problem goes away.

That's the very basics.  See if anything helps.

Ive already tried all that and the only thing that it could possibly be hardware wise is my PSU, everything else had already tested out well.


I was just able to get about thirty minutes of gaming in and then it froze again.


another cause for concern is that it just restarts on its own every forty five minutes or so.


Can you give the exact motherboard that is being used because it could be the motherbeard



Another thing, not sure if it's important, but when it freezes my keyboard and mouse turn themselves off as well even though the computer is still technically on.

Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3

As Devious said, it could be your motherboard.  You can check for bulging caps and whatnot if you like...  but If you've ruled out software issues, you may want to just contact cyberpower.  I'm sure it's still under warranty/return policy.  There's no real sense attempting a hardware repair if it's covered.  Just send her on back and get a new one.