Gaming build

Ok, first of all im computer noob, so i need help as much you people can give me:)

Im planing to bild this:


MB  MSI 970a G46

RAM MUSHKIN 8GB (2x4GB) 1866MHz DDR3 Redline

GPU AMD Radeon MSI TwinFrozr III 2Gb

How strong I need PSU for this specs and for some overclocking? And Im wondering is this good for gaming on high setup  on 1080p resolution, and what would be better choice iw there is, but in same price range? 



Err what kind of video card is it like the exact number a 7770 a 7870 a 7970 etc etc 

Hello everyone i'm about to build pc with the amd a10 5800k i was wondering was that cpu good enough for streaming on twitch tv 720? im on a budget around 340$s

A Twin Frozr III I believe is a 7870.

That's a perfectly good build. A 650 watt power supply from a good brand (Corsair, SeaSonic, etc.) would more than happily run that. Do not buy a cheap power supply. A cheap power supply is literally a fire hazard and could damage your components. Stick to reputable brands and above probably 500 watts and you'll be fine.

If you eventually plan to run cross fire you may run into problems with the 2 vertical SATA connectors. I realize this board I am recommending is more money but it is a much superior motherboard for now and in the future. Have a look at the specs and compare them to what you are currently looking at. If you can wait a little while to gain more coin for your build this is the direction I would go. Just my honest opinion.


Yes, its 7870. Maybe i save some extra monet and buy gigabyte 990fxa mb, maybe later on it would be better investment, for 8350 or maybe eaven for Steamroller when comes out,who knows. So lets get this straight, this is gonna be good build? And I know i can do better, but thing is i must build it from scratch, I must buy not only PC, but new monitor, keyboard, mouse.....everything (have laptop now). 

As it stands, yes, you have a nice little build going on here. Go for a quality 650W bronze certified PSU and you should be all set.

Ok,then i will go for this one. Thank you