Gaming Build. Pick cpu

Hi Guys! I wasn't sure where i should post this problem.

My problem is I'm going to put together a GAMING PC soon. I've seen logan vids and config vids and I was about to buy an i5 3570k. Then i picked every other stuffs and it was just way over my budget. I really want to buy a HD 7870. That GPU is just great for the money. So my problem is i cant decide which CPU i should pick that match that GPU. My first though was an AMD FX-8350 and i looked it up on some tests. It was good but then i realised I don't really need this CPU for gaming. I could pick an FX-6300 or Should i go Phenom II x4 965? I think Phenom architecture is actually faster than a new FX but it's got high consumption. So I really don't know what to pick what will be enough for gaming and fast and strong enough for the HD 7870 and also cheap :D

Please guys recommend me something what sould I pick.

P.S. Sorry for my english :S


Yeah I agree with Phosgene, I have the 6300 in my build right now, and it's absolutely amazing. It's cheap, fast and extremely overclockable.

Thank you Phosgene and Qyc for the quick answer! + Z77 / H77 -> upgrade to an i5-3570 whenever you'd like.

I would agree the fx 6300 is a good cpu for the money and with a aftermarket air cooler can over clock to be a very power cpu for only $130

ok that pentium kinda sucks right now. and don't think he'll be upgradeing

I'm really dont want to spend money on a dual core all

It doesn't suck. I'm running the G860 in my system and it does everything I need it to do.