Gaming Build. i need help

This is the build

i need some recommendations on a good Gaming mouse and Gaming keyboard and which of these moniters should i get? Once i get a new computer i think i need to upgrade the moniter, right now i am using a working moniter but its 1600x900 and i want a 1920x1080 or

I will not be overclocking, everything is powerful enough.

I dont want a high priced keyboard or mouse i just want to get a simple good gaming keyboard and mouse.

Whats the budget for monitor, keyboard and mouse?

Gaming mouse/keyboard, hue hue hue hue. Just don't buy Razer's overpriced crap build quality light up kiddy peripherals.

So before this gets flooded with bad advice, I'll tell you that you won't do better in games because of a mouse or keyboard, if you suck, you suck. Why not spend the money on a much nicer monitor say 23" and a 1080p IPS panel? Just a thought, but if you're sure your KD will go up from a nice mouse I'd suggest the Logitech g400. It has a perfect laser sensor with no angle snapping or prediction like Razer mice so it has the most accurate movement. As for a keyboard it depends if you want mechanical or not.


But if you whant  a good and not so expencive keyboard the thermaltake challenger or (challenger pro) keyboard 

For the mouse well dont get a overpriced razer product like captainpip said:I have a Gigabyte eco 600 

and with it you can encreas or lower the DPI (its really cheap)

Logitech, Zowie, and Steelseries make the best mice imo. I have a Zowie AM atm and my god it's awesome. I think a nice mouse WILL improve your playing. Especially ones with 2 buttons on the side for crouch/jump or whatever.

If you don't want mechanical, you can probably find this somewhere cheap , I'm just assuming it costs more from their site. But I LOOOVE this thing, would pick one up myself if I didn't just get one and wasn't stuck on mechanicals. Once you go mechanical you'll never go back.

I think this, or a Ducky is the best mechanical keyboard Now most mechanical boards DO sit high, so a wrist wrest could be nice. I'm not really buying into the Razer hype.

Naos 5200 laser mouse.

Logitech g710+.

Steelseries QCK Heavy.

Not going to recommend headphones because i'm not an audiophile and it will offend them.


It's a matter of personal preference but imo, those are the best products on the market.

Corsair and Steelseries have a 30% off peripheral sale on their websites.

AND newegg is running spring break deals.