Gaming build help plz

This is my build so far
all the part good i will be doing 1080p gaming and want to run at max. I am going to buy 1 gtx770 right now and get another one down the road will the case in the build fit 2? and are there any better case suggestions? On a second note i want to overclock the i5 to a stable 4.5 ghz. What cpu cooler can i buy that will get me to 4.5ghz at cool temperatures?Will the 850 watt psu be enough for me to overclock my i5 and 2 gtx 770 to the fullest?One more question are there any other gtx 770 that are better for the same price?please use newegg for making any changes thanks THEDARKWEEDLE

It won't display the shopping cart.

770SLI will only require a decent quality 650W supply. 750W if you want lots of headroom. A single 770 would probably be sufficient for 1080p. But, if you want to SLI, it is good to have the option. Ensure that the motherboard has SLI listed as a compatible feature.

Would that be the i5 4670K, the new i5? I would probably pick the Phanteks 12DX at the very least, because 4th gen Intel runs quite hot. It's fairly inexpensive.

I would list the parts here on the thread, as basic text. Or us to construct your build, or something very similar.

On the build there is a specific link, unique to the build you have created. Don't use the URL located at the top, it will only take me to my own PCpartpicker.

Above the parts list, there is a small text box. Post that here.

sorry um i will do that

Just a simple tidy-up. You only need 1600 RAM for gaming. All colour matched, appropriate power supply for 770 SLI. Looks good

will the 200r fit the 2 gtx770s?

will the cooler allow me to get to 4.5 ghz or higher?

one more question what is a good wifi adapter?


you also need 42 amps on the 12 volt rail! thats very important!

It will fit two 770s.

The 200R can fit heatsinks that are 160mm in height. The 12DX is 157mm. So it should be enough space, but you might want a slightly smaller heatsink, just to be safe.