Gaming build for early 2000s and earlier

I almost exclusively play games from 2003 and earlier and wanted to build a pc so that I could continue to do just that. I figured that parts wouldn't be too expensive for such a build, but figured new parts would be difficult to find. I am thinking using XP would work best for compatability.

I have a basic understanding of computer parts and what the different specs mean, but don't always understand what will be compatible or what combinations will work best together. Parts lists would be great, as would recommendations on where to look for parts.

Thanks in advance!


I guess I'll say under $1000 although I'm assuming most of the older parts won't cost too much anyways.


Okay maybe I should have been more specific. Budget= under $1000, CPU= no preference between AMD and Intel, I don't care what the caes looks like particularly,

Games I will be playing: Warcraft III, Starcraft, Heroes of Might and Magic 1, 2, 3, 4.

You can play anything with this

Thanks! I gave the list a look and it looks solid. Would this be overkill for the games I'm playing though?


I just realized that I should have added that I don't intend to overclock and am not particularly interested in making the build future proof.

you sure? okay well then this is what you want

That looks great! Is there also a monitor you would recommend?

this one

Nice, it comes with speakers too, which is convenient. Thank for your help. Do you  think these parts will still be available in March? I have noticed on Amazon that they have very older computer parts left.

All should still be available, the Phenom might be phased out but then you have an AM3+ board so you can just buy a new piledriver CPU as they will drop a lot by that time

these parts are not that old really so yeah they will be and probably 1\4 the price too. Although black friday and cybermonday are coming up so you might want to buy now.

windows 7 has backwards compatibility featueres built-in..... and for stuff that old, almost any rig will do

what the fuck are you guys doing... you dont need a 3.2 ghz quad core and all that to play games from the 2000's. hell, back in the early 2000's i was drueling over a 2.4ghz dual core.... i would recommend a build that has an APU, 4 gigs of ram, probubly 1600 hmz as your running with an apu, and dont bother with the dedicated card. logans 350 dollar build will be perfect.

now, for the OS, i would install windows 95 on a 10 gig partition, xp on a 80 gig partition, and win 7 on the rest of the hdd. then, install the program "dosbox" on your windows 7 partition.

Wish I could buy now, but not enough dough coming it at this point. Thanks for all of your help. Now I'll just have to wait and then figure out how to put it together. I've got a friend who has build experience and have watched Logan's video on how to build a pc, so should be able to manage.

Is there a particular APU and motherboard combination you would recommend other than Logan's $350 gaming build?


AsRock FM2A75 Pro: 4

You could probably just follow Logans kill your console 350 dollar build guide. That would crush these games.

why not get second hand, cheap, contemporary (at the time) hardware. Like a good tualatin, or an amd athlon 64. I've played games up to 2009 with a 2xPentium III 1Ghz, 2 gb sdram, geforce4 ti4200 (dx8.1) and could play team fortress 2, half life 2, and quite a lot others before them. If I had a Tualatin core maybe I would've skipped upgrading to core2duo lol. Seriously It's much cheaper and in theme, nostalgic if you will, to play on the hardware of the time.