Gaming Build - Final Thoughts?

Told a friend about building a PC. Any thoughts before he buys it?

  • Wants something small
  • Not overclocking
  • Needs Wi-Fi

Here's the build:

Holy overpriced machine Batman.

That CPU is way overkill for what you are doing. The 1230V3 will be plenty fast as it is an i7-4770 without the GPU. Buy that and save yourself $100.

If you aren't OCing you don't need a massive cooler like that. The stock Intel one or a CM Hyper 212 Evo will be plenty.

That motherboard is ridiculous. There are much cheaper ASUS boards that will do the same things and since you aren't OCing you really don't even need Z87/97 you could grab a B or even an H chipset and be just fine.

That RAM is overpriced. RAM is RAM. Just grab 8GB of whatever is cheapest. Should cost around $60-$65.

I don't like Seagate drives and I especially don't like the 2TB versions. They have relatively high failure rates. Grab a 1TB version or a 1TB WD Blue.

The 770 is a good card but the R9 280 is often about the same and can be sometimes had for cheaper although that is a very good price for that GPU.

You don't need the case fans. If you do want some more though look for some Noctuas. Insanely quiet.

You most likely don't need 8.1 Pro either. It looks like you already bought it though. The reg edition will be cheaper and sufficient.

This will be only $1148 if you don't include the OS price like you did.


Thanks for the advice. Build is on a loose budget so keeping the Nvidia card for PhysX.

Well if it is on a loose budget then get a faster card like a 290 or a 780. PhsyX isn't really a thing. There are almost no games that use it and those that do offload it to the CPU. I'd much rather have a faster GPU or one that performs the same for significantly less than to have some proprietary and nearly useless technology.

Lose budget why not 290/x or 780/ti?


Just kidding.

Since you won't be overclocking, neither the Noctua NH-D14 or the Maximus VI Gene board are needed.  I'd just get the Xeon E3-1230 V3 or 1240 v3, 256GB SSD.

Something like this: