Gaming Build - Final Check

Hey guys,

So I'm just interested in people's final suggestions about my build I'm planning to order today. Bear in mind I already have a radeon hd 6850 as the gpu. My main concern is that the SSD is a bit pricely and I would rather something better value. Hopefully the link works:

ahhh I love PCCG! surprised we even have a decent online store for parts here in Aus!

anyway! here's a better, more affordable SSD with equal read speeds and better write speeds :)

Yeah PCCG definitely gives us the value and stock we need! That SSD looks like a better choice thank you :)

you're welcome mate! and enjoy the new build! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

This depends on whether the extra $40 is worth it for you, but I'd choose this motherboard

and a 4670K, just because it's newer and performs a tiny bit better. But again, it's really to do with personal preference, as it's not a big difference or a big cost gap.


If you don't go with the 4670K, then I'd recomend using this RAM

as it'll perform nearly the exact same and for a bit less.

If you live near one of their pickup stores, MSY and mwave are [retty decent websites, they're cheaper discluding shipping and if you pickup, there's no shipping charges at all.

This is my variation that I would build if you were a customer who came to me with a budget of around $1000 and wanted similiar peripherals to what you listed in your wishlist:


Note: I'm no AMD fan boy I use Intel but for the price its hard to ignore the 8350 for builds under 1k.

SSD´s  there are a few very good ones,

Kingston hyper 3K or A-data Sp900. But your GPU will be a bottleneck in newer games anyway, so if you like to play the newest games on  high settings, you will need a new GPU also some day. thats something to keep in mind. and a good cpu cooler is also  something i personaly recommend.

i think that i would go for Haswell, if you prefer intel, but AMD is more bang for buck.

Agreed with mistery, Kingston and Adata both have amazing customer service

Seeing as he's using PCCG, he probably lives in Australia. Unfortunately, ADATA is extremely hard to get here (for me anyway, I'm not sure how everyone else's luck's been) and I really don't see the advantages of a Kingston SSD. Their read speeds are faster by a miniscule amount, but their write speeds are also slower by a minuscule amount.

well the speeds thats advertised on websites, are speeds that you will only reach in the most ideal conditions.(with all windows tweaks etc) thats why the Samsung pro 128GB with 530 read and 390 write, is one of the fasted 128GB ssd´s to get. but still allmost every ssd is fine. just look for one with reasonable write speeds, for a good price.

Thanks for the help guys! I'll be sure to take it into consideration :) Unfortuntely due to the different time zones I didn't see this earlier :/