Gaming at 1080p vs 1440p?

Do you guys think it is worth the extra money to game a 1440p? If there is anyone out there to make a good argument for either 1080 or 1440 it would be much appreciated

Gonna focus more on just 1080p v 1440p rather then just with gaming because you do so much more on your PC then just game.

Well, generally with 1440p you get a larger screen (27in) as opposed to 23in. Of course there are exceptions to that as the resolution and screen size aren't related but in general those are the two common sizes for those resolutions

You also get a higher resolution display which will be sharper (I think it is noticeable) and more screen space to spread stuff around on because you have more pixels which can help when doing other things like web browsing.

You may not need as much AA or filtering when gaming at 1440p.

That being said, 1440p monitors are generally more expensive, harder to drive in game, can make 1080p video content look a bit weird on some occasions, things like that.

I understand they are more expensive. Done my research but its hard to find any benefits of gaming at 1440p Part of the reason i want to go with 1440p is to play skyrim on. One of my favorite games. The whole reason im getting a computer actually.

Higher resolution. To me it looks better. That is basically it.

I got a cheap 27" Korean 1440p monitor a good while back. It's a Samsung PLS panel and it overclocks real well, though I rarely run it any higher than 75 Hz.

I run Skyrim on it now and then, and any time I use anything with less res I feel constrained. Especially 1080p feels small now. AA etc takes a toll on the GPU, but at 1440p I feel less need for AA anyway. The 290X does real well at 1440p besides. Skyrim with lots of mods, ENB etc runs a steady 60 with my crossfire setup.

GPU scaling of video works real well on AMD. I had some weird problems when I was on Nvidia before, but with AMD no problems.

Ordinary desktop is great at 1440p (1600p would be ideal, but $$$). Side by side windows etc.

1612800 more pixels.

I have a 1080p monitor but with the new amd omega drivers you can scale the resolution to 1440p and because its using VSR I get all the benefits; 1080p monitors are easily affordable, and I just played crysis 3 on ultra and there was no dips in perfomance. I even ran heaven and valley benchmarks and there was minor dips, ~3-4 fps difference. Still a big win in my book though seeing as I only have the one gpu. Lastly, in order for you to take effect of this you have to have an amd gpu with the hawaii or later architecture.

Qnix has 1440p monitors in the 300 dollar range, which is a pretty good deal. You'll need to spend 30 bucks to replace the stand it comes with though. 1440p is no doubt better than 1080p in every way but price, and if you have the GPU and the money for the monitor, I don't see a single reason not to.

There's almost no difference in gaming on 27" 1440p and 27" 1080p. You can't really notice pixel density in games.

However, for anything other than games, 1440p is vastly superior so I recommend getting a 1440p anyway, as performance penalty is not that big.