Gaming and screen cap

Im looking to build my 1st pc and have a few questions. I am building a budget gaming pc that i will also edit youtube videos on. I also plan on making a lets play chanel and want to be able to screen cap smootly. When i see people caping on youtube there is a big fps drop while caping. I am on a budget so i have benn looking at the 550 ti 2gb version. I will be using one 27 inch 1440 moniter. Would i be able to play smoothly while capuring my gameplay.

or would it be more effective to use a external captuer device 


what's your budget?  and if you have a device already that does that then yeah use it, but if not it shouldn't be a problem, a 550Ti 1GB should be able to Max anything out at 1440 with a solid 60FPS even while capturing

but if its within budget I'd recommend one of these cards

560 SE 129.99

560 169.99

560Ti  204.99

560Ti 448 core 239.99

Thanks i will look into the 560 se.