Gamescom 2013

Next week is Gamescom 2013 in Cologne. Anyone else going?

a Gamescom in Keulen ?? Dear God. What is going to be there? when exacly is it?

21-25th, K├Âlner Messe. It's the largest games expo in Europe, and the first Microsoft XBone Redemption event, and although I'm not a fan of Microsoft, I'm kinda curious anyway. Daytickets are 15-19 EUR, especially saturday night will be great, as after the Messe closes, the street are full of entertainment, music, and about 200 000 gamers. I don't have to go really, and I wanted to only go Saturday evening to party, but my wife really wanted to go to the expo, so I guess I'm spending the entire day gaming...

darnit. If I would have known that... I'm actually going to pass keulen around fridaynight, as I'm going on vacation.

So it's to late now as everything is already planned. Damnit would have been a great inbetween stop!

Just go to the party in the streets on friday evening! The main stage is on the Hohenzollernring, but there are 4 stages and a lot of entertainment and partying in between.

I think this year, the Gamescom-Cologne might well have become the largest gamescom in the world, we'll see next week.

perhaps i could 'rest' over there... it'll be more like 3 AM but yeah... I could perhaps check it out. you dont need entrance fee in places like that I suppose?

Yup, just head towards Neumarkt, that's the epicenter of the Gamescom City Festival. At 3AM there will probably be no stage activity left though, the party will have moved towards the Altstadt. Better come much earlier in the evening to experience the full program.